Royal Guard

Using a devastating arrow attack, and a flurry of bombs the Royal Guard is very similar to a giant enemy crab that is based on Japanese history? Wha?

Action shots! (Can’t we just talk about this ?)

Have a safe 4th of July everyone!


53 thoughts on “Royal Guard”

  1. Just don’t buy it Mr. “.”.-_- Why should it cost less, ’cause it was delayed? What going on in your heads. They work so long on the game for you( and oh wow yes themself too) to enjoy their game and all you can do is complain. It’s singleplayer multiplayer, that looks very promising, so long as it’s even better as 90% of the other 800MSP games, it’s worth it’s prize. Braids 1200 where unreasonable, but this one? Definitly not.

  2. I love this characters\’ spammy arrow attack! Death to you! Death to you! Death to you…

    Yeah I\’m on Xbox Live. So what? A Nintendo Wii can\’t be on Xbox Live if it agrees that Live is better? Is that a crime?


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