Week 10 Winners

New winners this week for both Alien Hominid and All You Can Eat. We have Lord Nicholai taking the top spot in the main game category and XShagrath blowing away the competition with over 1000 bowls eaten!

Comic-Con 2007 is approaching quickly, and we are getting more and more into the hectic planning stages for the show. This year will be our 5 year anniversary at the show and it will be one of the largest booths we’ve put together. As always, congratulations to all the winners and good luck to everyone else.

Week 9 Winners

This week we have Iceman505 Redux making his way into the Hall of Fame with his third consecutive win on the Alien Hominid Leaderboards. In addition, ArmedBandit117 grabs his second win on All You Can Eat.

In addition to this weeks winner we just released the following content for Alien Hominid HD:

PDA Classic Pack – 100 PDA Games Levels
Angry Faic Picture Pack – Behemoth/Newgrounds themed picture pack
Boris Revenge Series Picture Pack – Alien Hominid Soviet Boss themed picture pack

All of these packs can be found on the Xbox Live Marketplace or in the Xbox Live Arcade sections of your Xbox 360, enjoy!

Week 8 Winners

Week 8 winners are now up on the Leaderboards page. This week we have Iceman505 Redux taking his second win for Alien Hominid, and ArmedBandit117 taking his first win for All You Can Eat.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to those competing this week. If you haven’t received your trophies yet, rest assured that they have been shipped out and should be arriving in the coming weeks.