Game #3 monster concept

Today I post a new animation of a new monster concept for the new Game #3!


(this animation runs proper speed in FireFox)

This monster is territorial and resembles a raccoon or stag of sorts (Perhaps a distant relative of the Weapons Frog?). Being built as a predator this monster comes equipped with sharp teeth and hind claws. It also comes equipped with a mild case of narcolepsy – so the hunts must remain brief.

Nothing else is known about this monster at this time.

I’ve bounced around a couple names for this guy, but, does anyone out there want to take a stab at it?


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71 Responses to “Game #3 monster concept”

  1. dimebag1337 - 0

    aww sweet!


    Hairy stagoon or staggle


    striped staggle

    *insert name for animal in final game here*

  2. elkachow - 0

    i mean its a racoon antelope thing with a furry body… maybe furry rantalope

  3. Denivire - 9

    What’s with all the names having the word “coon” in it? Are we really that bad at making up names that are almost exactly what it resembles combined with another name of what it resembles?

    I’m sorry people, but anything ending in “coon” I find is just not trying at all to make a cool name for this thing. Can we see more creativity, please?
    Once again, sorry if I upset anyone on this.

  4. Guntalk - 0

    Awesome concept. I particularly like the facial expression. This is clearly not one of those fancy pants monsters with enough self awareness to realize that it is a sin against God and nature. It just is. Also, the furry guy with horns is good too.

    Here are some names:

    Woolly Winker

    Chaos Gerbil




    Greater Ring-Tailed Napalope

    All of these names are my personal intellectual property and I hold the copy protection mark for them. However, anyone may use them in their commercial video game for the introductory price of $0.05 per consonant, $499.98 per vowel.

    Limited time offer: no additional charge for capital letters! Use coupon code: 4365

  5. hankjmatt - 0

    Is there any chance you could briefly describe your process? Like, do you draw on paper first, and scan in, trace in flash, or do you draw directly into photoshop?
    Matt – club penguin

  6. Jess - 0

    Sir McBitesAlot!
    Or Mr. McBitesAlot.
    Or MAYBE- Of Antlers and VERY Sharp Teeth
    <;o Wery lengthy, I think.