Celebrating Valentine’s Day with an ART CONTEST!

Do you smell it?

Sorry, that’s not a very romantic way to start off a Valentine’s Day post. 

“HERE, I got this for you, SMELL IT!”

Better. But really…do you smell it? The happiness, the rainbows, the lollipops, roses and pure goodness? Is that a whiff of hamster shavings? And no, it’s not locker room body spray because our eyes aren’t burning. It’s VALENTINE’S DAY and even if your princess is in another castle, we have Pink Knight! We ALL have Pink Knight! Forever and ever, ten thousand years…PINK KNIGHT!

In a world where the doom and gloom can become suffocating and bleak, a lone protector watches to make sure we don’t forget the true meaning of being alive: hamsters and weasels. In a world where hats become cursed and taxes don’t exist, Pink Knight is reminding us to put down our broccoli swords and instead sharpen your lollipop because it’s about to get real: we’re hosting a Valentine’s Day Art Contest and the subject? PINK KNIGHT OUR BELOVED.

  1. Using your artsy fartsy skills, make a Valentine’s Day card featuring Pink Knight, in whatever art medium you like! Digital, paper, clay, decoupage, mosaic, marble sculpting, everything goes EXCEPT:
    1. Hair not allowed, just don’t, please don’t. No hair collages.
  2. We will be looking at this with our human seeing eyeballs, we’re fresh out of eye bleach, and we will be posting winning submissions so please keep it appropriate for general audiences
  3. When it is locked and loaded, neatly package your card and send it to our email: games@thebehemoth.com.
  4. Must be 18 years or older to participate, or have parental consent if under 18.

*If you would like to see your competition or share your design with other members of The Behemoth community, come on over to our Discord Server and share your post in our fan-art gallery!

Contest entries must be submitted no later than 11:59:59PM PST on February 13th, 2024. If you’re even one second off, we’re ripping the card into a million pieces and crying over an empty box of chocolates because you couldn’t care enough to submit on time. Would Hatty do that to you?!

Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day, sometime! During the day. We’ll post our three winners on our blog and social media once they have been Decided, and will notify the winners via the email they submitted their entry with.

***Update 2/14: We received an overwhelming amount of entries and will be taking a little bit longer to go over them, so we can be sure each entry gets the attention it deserves. Seriously, so many entries. We are besieged by Pink Knight art. This is a good problem to have.

YOU GET A PRIZE, YOU GET A PRIZE, YOU GET A PRIZE! And that’s it. Three winners. But what are they winning? 

THIS JUST IN – an incredibly limited amount of Castle Crashers Pink Knight Figurines have appeared for this contest, this year, in 2024. We have been blessed with a very smol handful of the elusive Pink Knight figurines, and would like to spread the cheer this Valentine’s Day 🙂  Banana for scale.

This Pink Knight Figurine could be yours! Produce not included.

So what are you waiting for?

Why are you still here reading this?

Why aren’t you out there making all the art with your art hands and art pens and pencils? You have a duty to Pink Knight, who never let you down, to capture their Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking Side.

Alien Hominid Invasion Nominated for Best Soundtrack

We are excited to share that Patric Catani’s work on Alien Hominid Invasion has landed a nomination for Best Soundtrack at Debug Magazine’s inaugural Indie Game Awards!

While Patric has a sound aesthetic that is very much his own, he crafts a sonic identity unique to each game utilizing a finely curated palette of instruments and sounds, and his work on Alien Hominid Invasion was no exception.

A longtime collaborator of The Behemoth, Patric puts a new spin on old magic, blending classic chip sounds with modern instruments. In the Invasion OST, you will find original SID (C64) and Sega Chip sounds in an organic mix with analog synths, acid basslines, and even guitars!

This was not only inspiration drawn from the game, but also mirrors and plays with these in-game dichotomies and story motifs. In other areas, there are intentional synthesized sound elements that reflect the content they represent, such as using granular synthesis to create the wasp buzzes and synthesized voice/vocaloid-esque beloved “bapi bapi” of the post-level music celebratory aliens.

Can we get a big BAPI BA for Patric’s incredible work on Alien Hominid Invasion? For more information about the awards and other nominees, please visit Debug’s website.