An Invasion Balance Hotfix Is Here!

After observing many, many invaders, we’ve made a few changes to some weapons and a couple of bosses to bring you an even more finely-tuned experience. Read up on the knitty-gritty below, and please keep letting us know your thoughts!

Please note that this hotfix is only currently live on Steam.

Weapon Updates

How does damage work?

When the alien pulls the trigger, each bullet will be assigned damage within the given spread of numbers randomly. The numbers represented below are MINIMUM -> MAXIMUM damage per bullet.

1. Human Machine Gun

Human Machine Gun now has more oomph per clip, due to downtime of reloads.

Damage change on REGULAR SHOT:
Before: 5.25 -> 10.5 (x5 bullet)
After: 5.7 -> 11.25 (x5 bullet)

2. Lightning Gun

This weapon originally didn’t scale well in higher tiers and will now reward aggressive chargeshot + regular shot assault combos.

Damage change on REGULAR SHOT:
Before: 3 -> 4.5
After: 3.3 -> 6.0

Damage change on CHARGE SHOT ZAP:
Before: 1.65 -> 4.2 (interval 0.15/second)
After: 2.1 -> 4.95 (interval 0.13/second)

3. Energy Knife

Energy Knives, also known as swords, can no longer come with Fire Rate modifiers, as invaders couldn’t swing fast enough to notice.

4. Minigun

Minigun now spins up faster, hits a little harder at maximums, and is a little easier to control on recoil.

Firerate Before: 0.20 -> 0.075
Firerate After: 0.10 -> 0.075

Maximum damage on a bullet:
Before: 8.70
After: 9.15

Range maximum change:
Before: 6.75 meters
After: 7.75 meters

5. Megashot

Megashot now applies its status effect on initial contact and third hit, has faster base speed bullets, and has a shorter chargeshot time.

Base Critical Hit Chance from -5% to 3%.

Apply-Status chance on REGULAR SHOT:
Before: 51% mega-acid1, 25% mega-acid2
After: 100% mega-acid1, 45% mega-acid2

Before: 5.5 -> 7.5 meters/second
After: 6.5 -> 9.0 meters/second

Before: 1.40 seconds
After: 1.20 seconds

6. Sawed Off

When firing, the lucky high rolls of the damage for this weapon scaled incredibly with high tier gear. It should feel unchanged in most scenarios.

Damage change on each pellet REGULAR SHOT:
Before: 12 -> 28.5 (base crit chance 5%) x3 pellets
After: 10.5 –> 19.5 (base crit chance 2.5%) x3 pellets

7. Spreadshot

Needed a little more oomph. Got oomph.

Before: 3.9 -> 6.0 (x3 bullet)
After: 4.5 -> 6.45 (x3 bullet)

Boss Updates

1. Installball 2.0, Next of Spin
  • Health reduced
  • Eye projectile damage down
2. Bustletron, Spinner of Fists
  • Health reduced
  • Bustletron fist missiles now do less damage to invaders (10% health damage instead of 20%)

Other Changes

Update to Maximum # of Enemies

Aliens now add 0.75 additional enemy slots per player instead of 1.0 (4.0 maximum slots to 3.0 maximum slots). What this means in human terms is that there won’t be as many maximum enemies in 3-4 player games.