This week we have the Cardinal orb. As stated below, this little guy will help you find various secret items, he works in a similar way to Owlet

Also, I accidentally deleted some comments on previous posts. I was filtering out some spam comments left by some jerks and I ended up wiping out like 20 real comments in the process. I’ve fixed the issue now so we should hopefully see no more of that.


32 thoughts on “Cardinal”

  1. I just bought Alien Hominid HD last night and Castle Crashers is almost done? πŸ˜€
    Hopefully I have enough points left to buy Castle Crashers.

  2. Oh dear, it’s that bird. Was that bird created before CC and put into the game, or was it created for CC and then spread to everything dan paladin related?


  3. Hey every1 um its gr8 to hear that castle crashers is finished and all,
    and please tell us when there is a release date.
    I love the animation and stuff Good luck!

  4. Yay, another game my parents can yell at me for playing too much xD
    That aside, curious as to how it finds “secret items”. Are you saying there will be a destructible atmosphere for these secrets? Like walls and barrels? Even a “maybe…” would be awesome to know.

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