Castle Crashers Remastered Out Now on Xbox One!

Castle Crashers Remastered has launched in select countries on Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program! Get it today for $14.99 or for FREE as a special, limited promotion if you’re a loyal Castle Crashers Xbox 360 player. You’ll just need an active Xbox Live Gold membership, the same gamer profile that owns Castle Crashers on Xbox 360, and get this game by September 20, 2015!
Starting September 21st, if you are an Xbox 360 owner of Castle Crashers, we’re offering a special loyalty discount which will bring CCR’s cost down to only $5.00.
And don’t forget that today is also the release day for Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime! Both these games have couch co-op, so we’re self proclaiming today to be International Couch Co-Op Day!

Mini-Game & Unlockables
So what do you get in Castle Crashers Remastered? Our 2D hack n’ slash game has been remastered to 60 frames per second, five times larger texture sizes, and online multiplayer updates that will allow you to find games easier and quicker online compared to the Castle Crashers of the past (on Xbox 360). We’ve also added a new mini game called “Back Off Barbarian!” But wait there’s even more! In addition to all of the classic characters & animal orbs you’ve come to love, all of the following special characters and animal orbs can also be unlocked in the game for free:
Special Characters:
King, Open Faced Gray Knight, Necromancer, Cult Minion, Blacksmith, Pink Knight, Alien Hominid, Hatty Hattington

Special Animal Orbs:
Pelter, Dragonhead, Golden Whale

If you’ve played Castle Crashers on Xbox 360, you can transfer your save data to keep all of the characters & animal orbs you already unlocked. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for an explanation on how to transfer your save data!


Launch Week Festivities

Castle Crashers Merchandise Sale
As an added bonus for you Castle Crashers fans out there, we’re holding a 15% OFF Sale for all Castle Crashers items in our online merchandise store! Get all Castle Crashers goodies from at 15% OFF until September 16th.
Get some awesome plushies or tees for you and your loved ones!
Live Streams
September 9th @ 4:30-5:00PM PDT : ID@Xbox on
We’ll be chatting with the ID@Xbox team about Castle Crashers Remastered and answering questions on their live stream!
September 15th @ 3:00-5:00PM PDT : Our live stream on
Want to know who’s the best at Back Off Barbarian in our studio? We want to know, too! Come join our 2 hour live stream as we battle amongst ourselves. We’ll also be giving out prizes and answering questions from the chatroom!
Reddit AMA
September 10th @ 9:00AM PDT
Join us on the interwebs for our Reddit AMA where you can ask us anything! We’ll post a link up on our Facebook page and Twitter as soon as it’s live!
Save Data Transfer
Alright, so you’ve made it to the end of this post for the lesson of a lifetime. We mean that you can keep your lifetime of Castle Crashers Xbox 360 progress in Castle Crashers Remastered on Xbox One!


On your Xbox 360 console:
-With a current Xbox Live Gold Membership, make sure you are logged into your profile and launch Castle Crashers. (*Note – there is a new update and you will need it for all your save transfer endeavors.)
-From the Main Menu select PLAYER STATISTICS.
-Select UPLOAD SAVE FOR XBOX ONE by pressing RT.
-You will be prompted with a confirmation message. Confirm upload by pressing the A button.
On your Xbox One:
-Launch Castle Crashers Remastered.
-From the Main Menu select “PLAYER STATISTICS”. It is the bottom right red button located underneath the Help & Options. It looks this
-Select DOWNLOAD XBOX 360 SAVE DATA by pressing the X button.
-You will be prompted with a confirmation message. Confirm download by pressing the A button.
Our goal was to not only transfer your game save data, but to also combine the most important elements of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One saves.

What save data actually carries over?
* The combined Weapon, Animal Orb, and Arena unlocks from your Xbox One and Xbox 360 game saves (“the two saves”).
* The combined character unlocks and progression from the two saves.
– For Character stats, you keep the XP Level, associated stats (XP, strength, defense, magic, and agility), and equipped Weapon and Animal Orb from whichever save has the higher level character.
– For unlocked map level progression and Relics, each character gets the combined progress from the two saves.
– Characters get the “game completed” or “insane mode completed” icon on the selection screen if either of the two saves indicates they should.
What does not carry over?
* Your gold and consumables (Dig ups, kisses, health potions, bombs, and sandwiches) are all left unchanged by the save transfer. Overall pricing has been rebalanced in Castle Crashers Remastered and carrying over your gold could lead to potential exploits.
Note- If you have a lot of gold on your Xbox 360 save and don’t want to lose it. You can still spend it on the Xbox 360 and then transfer the save.
* Unfortunately, no achievements are unlocked by doing a save transfer.
Traditional Achievement Note – If you have a character that shows the game completed icon, you will still need to play and beat the game’s last level on Xbox One to unlock the “Traditional” achievement.

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  1. What about all the weapons from the former DLC packs? I would prefer not to drop 9.6k gold in an Insane Store equivalent for those missing weapons…

  2. Guys,

    I can’t get CC Remastered for free on my X1. I own CC on 360 and I am currently an XBOX LIVE Gold subscriber. I live in Chile, but I access the American X1 store from my X1 dashboard. I pay for my games in US dollars, not in local currency (in case this is also a requirement).

    What do I need to do in order to get Remastered for free before the 21st?

    Thanks guys.

  3. Wow, 6 days after official release date – and German version still not arriving on the marketplace, too……. 🙁

  4. can sombodey plz tell me how to get hatty hattington for free without trancfer frome the 360 to xbox one i relly want to know

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