Celebrate Castle Crashers Steam with Us!

Today is Castle Crashers Steam launch day! We’ve had a few of these already in the past with XBLA and PSN releases, but that doesn’t mean they can get any less exciting. Can you feel that? That’s excitement! Castle Crashers has been played by over 3 million people just like YOU since its release back in 2008. Thanks to all of YOUR support days like today are possible where we get to share our four knights with the Steam Community.

To celebrate release day we are doing giveaways at every hour! Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Forums to enter the various contests for your chance to win a free copy of Castle Crashers on Steam, some merchandise, and maybe even a brand new CAR!!! (nope)

Some gaming publications are planning to join in today with the celebrations, so in addition to the large amounts of free stuff we’re giving out today, check out the following sites for even more chances to win stuff:

www.gamespy.com : Contest through their twitter
www.ign.com : Tweet your favorite character to their twitter
www.joystiq.com : Follow their twitter according to this article
www.theverge.com/gaming : Contest finished on Polygon’s twitter
Each of those sites will be doing their own Castle Crashers Steam giveaways through either their website or Twitter. Feel free to come back here later! We may have updated links to their direct giveaways. 

A Milestone for Alien Hominid!

A long time ago, we made a game called Alien Hominid. It was based on the Newgrounds.com web game of the same name by Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp, and it led the creation of the Behemoth.

Well, just the other day, the original version of Alien Hominid passed a big milestone on Newgrounds – the game has now exceeded 20 million plays!

After being released on Newgrounds, the Behemoth was eventually formed and Alien Hominid was developed for the Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2. Now the full HD version is available on Xbox LIVE.

Our lovable, little, yellow alien invader pal sure has come a long way since that little Flash version of the game. 20 million plays? That’s a LOT of chomped heads. Yeah… we’re really proud of him.

Anyway, we just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who’ve supported us by playing the game, sharing it with your friends, and even wearing our Alien Hominid antennae at the San Diego Comic-Con with pride!

In other news, our fan fiction writing contest finalists have been selected and you can vote for your favorite story. The top five will be the lucky winners of a BattleBlock Theater t-shirt or Castle Crashers on XBLA or PSN America. YOU choose those five. Winners will be announced next Tuesday, May 15th.

Until then, try playing the original Alien Hominid to relive some of those chomptacular memories!