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King’s Boat Part 1

This next video will be part 1 of a 3 part series 2 part series that will include the design of our King’s Boat. In general Castle Crashers development news, things are moving along very nicely. Currently the game is right in the middle of certification with Microsoft and everything is flowing smoothly. Our internal… Read more »

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Pazzo provides a pretty useful bonus to the player. Not sure if this one will change or not before release, but for now this is what we have his bonus set to. thanks! -emil- *Edit* – Pazzo’s enhancement were updated.

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Our latest animal friend is Scratchpaw. This little dude will give you +2 to agility, and +1 to strength, that’s not too bad for a floating kitty. For all of your animal orb needs don’t forget to visit the Animal Orbs section. thanks! -emil

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