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Hello and welcome to The Behemoth’s development blog for Castle Crashers. The purpose for this site will be to provide updates on the development process for our next title Castle Crashers. Our hope is to post weekly and share with you all of the crazy stuff that we’ve been doing in order to get this… Read more »

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HELLOWS!!!! This is Dan Paladin and I am making a post because Emil is making me set my settings for this devblog we’re putting together. Please watch the video that is posted below. I like dogs. I hope you guys like the drawings and the videos and stuff, we are going to release more as… Read more »

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World Map Creation

Castle Crashers – World Map from The Behemoth on Vimeo. This video is of Dan Paladin working on the world map for Castle Crashers. The footage above has had its speed increased by 600% from the original file. This is a 30 minute session brought down to about 6 minutes or so. Here you can… Read more »

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