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Weapons List

Weapons, weapons, weapons. Spread out throughout the game, you will have many different ways of unlocking over 40 different weapon types! We have shops that you can purchase weapons at, treasure chests you can break, buried weapons, weapons from bosses, even weapons you can buy for an additional cost, just kidding. Anyways, here’s the list,… Read more »

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It’s the periwinkle knight.

Another day, another character revealed. We never intended for our characters to have names. A quote from Dan Paladin, “It’s more fun when the characters don’t have a name because then you can inject your own personality into the characters” With that said I am personally going to refer to this guy as “Dude”. -emil

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Character List

We currently have about 22 unlockable characters in Castle Crashers. Throughout the game you will have the opportunity to add these characters to your arsenal by various different means (was that vague enough). The chart below will be updated as we get closer to launch with more of these playable characters. -Emil

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