For Tar, I will walljump forever long

Have you ever loved something so much you were inspired to write a poem about it?

Prisoner #10326 might be related to Shakespeare in some way because of his fancy mustache! This is a revelation that the roots of greatness lie in hair follicles! Or maybe that it sends telepathic messages to the pen and paper?

Our friend has a serious problem. Or not a problem, butย a formidable love of tar, from which blocks are formed to lay a path can present a road block or a helping hand!

At one point, the dev team thought, “how awesome would it be if players could walljump?” After we tested the walljump (in the game), we found out that it didn’t utilize the benefits of co-op play like other features (like the boat) would. We wanted to highlight the fact that the mechanics work better when you play together! Our solution was to limit the walljumping to a certain block type, so the tar block was chosen because of its sticky factor! Players can nowย take advantage of pushing against the tar blocks to slide down and retrieve gems or balls of yarn in mid-air!

How will Prisoner #10326 deal with this dilemma? To love tar, or to not love tar, that is thy question. Everything about the way tar moves and sounds–so slippy and drippy, brings memories of a favorite treat, will help our friend slow down and enjoy the ride. It is advised not to stay in one place for too long as vicious animals will get hungry…

Watch how Prisoner #10326 and relationship with Tar blocks stack up!



Tale of The Nautical Nightmare

Please tell us you’ve been keeping up with our Prisoner Updates every week! And if you have…here’s a *pat* on the back.

We tell you that BattleBlock Theater is formed on the basis of FRIENDSHIP. But there is much betrayal that is UNFORESEEN in the waters of LIFE!


Last week, in Part One of the Tale of The Nautical Nightmare, we watched Prisoner 10308 get left behind.

Prisoner 10307, the fish-faced individual sailed away without a care, or so it seemed. After a bit of contemplation, a decision was made. The only way to find out is to watch this video! Below, concoct answers of your own so you may act accordingly if the situation arises.


Book Club Discussion Questions:

1. Would you go back for your friend if they needed help?

2. Is your friend a “dead weight” or an essential key to survival?

3. If your friend survived, would that adversely affect your relationship? If so, how?

4. Are people essentially good or evil?

5. Is it natural to do everything in one’s power to stay alive?

Here's an image for your brain to munch on.

Check out our spotlight on Prisoner 10307 to see how he saves/doesn’t save his friend, and how another being can be of great use!