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BattleBlock Theater – Prologue

Underneath all of the deranged theater cats, captured prisoners, and gladiatorial mayhem, there is a story about betrayal. Not just any specific kind of betrayal, but one that involves a freaky top hat that controls your actions , and forces you to capture your best friend. To celebrate the start of Comic-Con today we have for you… Read more »

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Throwing your friends, and prisoner #10321

We have a new video this week featuring prisoner #10321!  Bonus points to anyone spotting the new improved foliage!  Today’s video tells a bit more of a story while featuring the mighty THROW move. This move was originally intended to promote cooperation.  It does this job very well!  However, like many great things, the throw… Read more »

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Castle Crashers 50% off on XBLA!

Recently we’ve been tracking Castle Crashers ranking on XBLA based on user reviews. We’ve been very fortunate thanks to our amazing fans for having the top spot for highest player-rated XBLA title, but something that’s been very exciting for us to see lately is that we’re in the Top 5 for the Action & Adventure… Read more »

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