Sticker Pack Promotion

For the month of August, we’re doing something crazy! With every Super Soviet Missle Mastar t-shirt purchase, we will include one of our limited edition, exclusive, super cool Behemoth Sticker Packs. 5 stickers, 5 buttons, 1 shiny plastic bag and hours of sticker/button crazyness. During Comic-Con this year we sold a limited amount of these and they were a huge hit, so head on over to the store and order some Super Soviet goodness. Remember, these sticker packs are hand made here in our office by childr…I mean employees of the Behemoth, and are not sold anywhere else, not even our own store!

Fan Art

We have been collecting fan art for some time now, and
have finally got around to putting them together for your viewing pleasure. Check them out here In other news, San Diego’s Comic-Con is almost here and
we have been working hard on getting all the last minute items ready for the convention. It should really be an awesome time, be sure to check us out at booth #4235.