Small Arms Release

Our friends, Jake and Don, over at Gastronaut Studios are coming out with an amazing XBLA title called, Small Arms. We had a chance to give it a trial run back when we visited them in Seattle and it was an awesome game. We highly recommend you log on today to Live Arcade and download it. It’s only 800 MS points, that’s only $10.00 dollars! which in our estimation is an amazing price for such an amazing game.

Alien Hominid 2 Year Anniversary

2 years ago Alien Hominid crash landed on the PS2 and Gamecube and changed video gaming history forever (not really, but we like to think that) It’s amazing to think that our little yellow friend is now two years old. We want to thank all of our fans for all of the support that you have shown us throughout this project. We hope with the upcoming release of Alien Hominid HD, that you will be able to enjoy the game how it was truly meant to be played, in high definition. Thanks again and happy 2 years Alien Hominid!

Alien Hominid 2 Years Ago

Happy 2nd anniversary Alien Hominid!

Two years ago this week Alien Hominid crash landed on PS2’s and GameCubes across America!!!! If you never bought a copy, go grab one now….unless you own an Xbox 360, then we suggest you wait a little longer until the Alien Hominid HD release. It’s been a wild, hair raising ride since launch. We’ve been around the globe meeting with publishers, the press, and most importantly, our fans! Pictured below is photo I took in Shanghai when I was part of the GameConnection Asia trip, one of the most memorable trips I’ve had the opportunity to go on. In Shanghai I had a chance to meet up with John Pasden, an Alien Hominid fan who runs, an amazing resource for all things related to Chinese culture.