Week 1 Winners

Out first week winners pretty much blew away the competition. Bilgewater and Eric The Duke will be receiving their Behemoth Trophies in the mail as soon as we finish putting some final touches on them. In the meantime check out their high scores at the bottom of this page or on our Leaderboards page. Pictures of all of this will be coming up soon, and we will have a special feature at TheBehemoth.com on how we made the trophies here at the office.
Alien Hominid Winner

All You Can Eat Winner

Do you want an Exclusive Behemoth Trophy?

How about showing off to your friends by telling them your gamercard is featured on our site?

All you have to do is be the top scorer in any of the three categories we’ve listed and you’ll be on your way to some handcrafted trophy action! Once again, congratulations to Eric The Duke and Bilgewater and remember if you win three times, you make your way to our coveted “Hall of Fame” which not only sounds impressive, it gets you even more Behemoth prizes.

IGF 2007 Picture Page and a new site!

I was putting together the IGF picture page and I figured, while I’m doing that I should re-design the whole site! So for the past few days, I’ve been furiously trying to transfer everything over to this new format. Speaking of IGF, it was a great experience for all of us! We ended up taking home the Audience Award and Excellence in Visual Arts for Castle Crashers. You can read all about our adventures here

In the meantime we’re all working hard on Castle Crashers and slowly, very slowly getting ready for this years Comic-Con, which is only 4 months away! Well please take a look around and if you want to get nostalgic be sure to check out the news section of the page, everything is nicely organized for your viewing pleasure.


Leaderboard Competition Update

As of this morning the Official Behemoth Leaderboard Competition begins. There are however a few notes and changes that we want to go over, so please be sure to read the following:

The following WEEKLY leaderboards will be checked on Saturdays 12:00pm – 2:00pm: PST

  • Alien Hominid HD – Main Game – Hard Difficulty – Weekly Leaderboard
  • All You Can Eat – Ranked Match – Weekly Leaderboard

The MONTHLY leaderboards will be checked on the last day of every month
(there is no exact time of reset)

  • PDA Games – Ranked Match – Monthly Leaderboard – Based on highest score

Please note that the Super Soviet Missile Mastar trophy and leaderboard competition is being pushed back until we release our official update for the game. (which we currently don’t have a specific release date for) There was a typo that states the Super Soviet Leaderboard is a “Weekly” leaderboard, where it should be a “Monthly”. So as soon as we get that issue resolved we are putting this specific item on hold. Thanks for understanding.

So to summarize, the competition has started and everything is a go, except for the Super Soviet Missile Mastar prize, which is on hold until we release our update. Please check the Leaderboards section of this page to go over the updated rules and regulations. If you have any questions you can find us on the Xbox Forums where we will be answering all of your questions.

Good luck everyone!