Something… dark… is in the works

Much like he raises the dead, we’ve just unearthed a prototype for a deluxe poseable Necromancer figure! Admit it, you’ve always wanted to command an army of loyal skeletons… and soon you may be able to do that very thing if you play your cards right. We’ve been forging this Necromancer prototype in a secret lab inside of a subterranean volcano located directly below another subterranean ancient burial ground. What does all of this mean? We don’t really know, but the Necromancer figure looks good either way. Take a look!

Although the Necromancer is looking quite awesome, we need your help. We really want to make this Necromancer figure a reality, and that’s why we’re holding a Kickstarter campaign to bring him to life.

The main focus of the project is ensuring we order the correct amount to produce so that all Necro fans can take this guy home. Even if you donate a dollar to the project, it shows your support in the idea of the new Necromancer figurine and then we can get a sense for how many figurines to order.

Like all Kickstarter campaigns, we have all kinds of tiered rewards to thank those of you who, in your infinite wisdom, chose to donate to our noble cause. For example – if you donate a buck, we’ll put you on our exclusive thank you page. If you donate fifteen smackeroos, we’ll give you a new Necro poster! And for those of you who are set on getting the Necro figurine right when it becomes available, you can back the project at $50 or more to reserve your own figurine! There are several rewards given for different denominations of donations because we want to give you options for supporting the idea.

So that’s the simple version. If we can raise the money, the Necromancer will raise the dead and then you can command your infinite skeleton armies to do your bidding. Visit our Kickstarter page for more details:

Castle Crashers Necromancer Figurine Kickstarter Project