Rock our Blocks Off!

Attention all Behemoth enthusiasts/musicianists,

We’ve been talking a lot about Castle as we’ve been working to get the game released world wide for PSN.  Behind the scenes (get it?) we’ve been simultaneously (and at the same time) continuing our work  on BattleBlock Theater.  We’ve got a lot of cool new stuff to tell you about!  But for right now, we have a proposal for you. Over the years we’ve worked with a bunch of different musicians, from established composers to aspiring part time musicians.  There were over a dozen composers who contributed to the music of Castle Crashers, many of whom we stumbled across on the Audio Portal on   To make a long story short, if you are a musical human you could potentially get involved with the magic of creation for our future games!

We are currently taking music submissions for BattleBlock Theater.  If interested, please go to our exciting new Music Submissions page for details on submitting your work.  Thanks and good luck on all your sonic endeavors!

:arrow: & ♫,

The Behemoth in D minor