X-Play, new Tee, and Forum Birthday!

I have three exciting things to tell you of, which are mostly completely unrelated yet independently neat.

Thing one: The Behemoth will be appearing on X-play on G4 TV on Monday Augus 17th at 6:30 and 8:00pm ET and PT.  We’ll be featuring the new game and playing it live on TV!

Thing two: We have created a new shirt for you, created by our very awesome art intern David Ochs in the style of Dan. see?

skeleton battle tee

skeleton battle tee

It will be available at PAX and if there are any left on our online store as well.  AND!!! Tonight (8/11/09) we’ll be giving some away to forum members who are online because..

Thing three: Today is the One Year Birthdayversary of the Behemoth Community Forums! We are featuring all sorts of fun contests, giveaways and surprises in honor of this, so stop in and check it out!