Comic-Con Prep

In just under 6 days we will be exhibiting in our 6th year at the San Diego Comic-Con. Every year we go crazy for a few months planning out our booth design, merchandising, signs, signs, signs, competitions, signs, and just about everything else that goes in getting a booth up and running for a trade show. In addition to drawing every aspect of our games, we force Dan to do all of our marketing images, trade show signage, website art, and everything else you ever see. It pretty much drives him crazy, and he hates me with a passion most of the time when he comes in and I say, “Hey Dan, I need some art”.

It’s pretty sweet watching him draw all this stuff though, and one fine example is a huge flag we will have at our booth this year. The video below shows Dan putting the art together for this flag that will be about 12 feet tall! Somewhere in this video you can see him switch over to some Asian fonts. Did I mention Dan makes all of our fonts as well !! The only reason I included it was to show how amazingly frustrating and boring the process is, but the end result is pretty cool.

Comic-Con Flag from The Behemoth

I’ll have some more Comic-Con stuff to post this week, as well as more Castle Crashers updates.