Hello and welcome to The Behemoth’s development blog for Castle Crashers. The purpose for this site will be to provide updates on the development process for our next title Castle Crashers. Our hope is to post weekly and share with you all of the crazy stuff that we’ve been doing in order to get this game out. Our team consists of about 6 introverted nerds that include; Tom, Dan, John, Josh, Mike, and myself (Emil). For the most part I’ll be posting most of the information on a weekly basis, but I’ll do my best to bug everyone else to post their own stuff as well. We will have some great behind the scenes content to share with you that will include:

  • Exclusive video captures of Dan Paladin creating a large amount of content for the game. From characters, to levels, to menu design, all of these videos are recorded live and are pretty amazing to watch.
  • Information about the various Lite-RPG aspects of the game. This includes character unlocks, weapon unlocks, our leveling/experience system, and more!
  • Early concept art directly scanned from Dan’s sketchbook.

Additionally we’ve set-up our official forum, and we will be on there answering all of your questions.

Our first item includes a video of Dan creating some portions of our world map. For the most part we’ve increased the speed on these clips to save on the file size and time. All of the videos and sketches we will be posting can be found under the Media section of the site.

Ok, that’s pretty much it, thanks and enjoy!