Rainy February

It’s been a rainy February, and as we head into March everyone here at The Behemoth is excited about Castle Crashers! For the first time in our company history we’ve hired an in-house test team. These four individuals (Lawrence, Andre, Dustin and Kelly) are on a quest to test the crap out of Castle Crashers. It’s great having more people in the office for a change, as we are usually by ourselves with the lights off playing, “Push it to the limit” from Scarface, which incidently is a great song to keep you working.

The picture to the right captures the mood here at the office, in fact you could say that it represents the inner-mood of everyone that plays Castle Crashers….or not?

Moving on to Castle Crashers news, we came back this past Monday from an all week GDC/Wonder-Con experience. It rained basically the entire time we were there, but we met a lot of great people and had a great time showing off our latest build for everyone. Our very own Dan Paladin was a special guest in the opening of the IGF/GDC Awards video, put on by our friends over at Mega64.com Check out the video below as it is pretty much the funniest thing you’ve seen in a while. I’ve blatently stolen the link from the Mega 64 youtube page, but they might not mind, and if they do we’ll take it off and be sad.

After Dan was done going crazy for the entire world we managed to have show off our latest Castle Crashers build, and you can read all about that from the following links:


I’m fairly positive i’m missing some of the stories, but i’ll have to dig them up as soon as I completely catch up on all of our email. In the meantime here is a shot of our table at Wonder-Con. We had a bunch of sharpie markers and had everyone who walked by draw anything they wanted to on the surface. It started off with just a few sketches and ended up filling up 2 of the 8 feet tables we had. We took the finished table tops home with us and we’ll update you with some pictures sometime soon. Thanks for everyone who came out and said hello,