We’ve been getting some emails about our schedule for Wonder-Con this year. Here is the rundown for the dates, times, booth number for the show:
7Booth #539
Friday, February 22nd
Saturday, February 23rd
Sunday, February 24th

We will be bringing with us the latest version of Castle Crashers, some merchandise, and if we can some type of enhancements for your breath (we’ll explain more on this later). So if you can make it out to San Francisco during these days, please stop by and say hello to us, shake our hand, and tell us we’re special.

Lastly, thanks to all of the readers over at Kotaku.com, Alien Hominid HD was nominated for the Game of the Year Award in the Xbox LIVE Arcade category. This was a complete surprise for us and we wanted to thank everyone who casted their vote , and to the staff at Kotaku for putting it all together. At any rate, the Awards section is updated to reflect the latest honor, so be sure to check that out when you get a chance.