Castle Crashers Update

Castle Crashers has been consuming our lives for quite some time now, and although we’ve been relatively quiet with updates and news, we want everyone to know that it’s looking amazing and it’s coming this year. Sometime soon I will be able to jump on here and tell everyone a release date, but for now, 2008 is the official release date for Castle Crashers. Below is a little sneak peak of a VERY small portion of the world map. We’re creating an entire world for everyone to experience, and hopefully enjoy. We appreciate your patience, as well as support, these past years as we work hard on releasing this title.

As we head into February we plan to attend the annual Wonder-Con, held in San Francisco, CA. We will be showing our latest Castle Crashers build there, that may or may not contain some surprises for those who can make it out.

Thanks and we love you all (not the weird kind of love either) !