Leaderboard Winners and Everything Else

So much to catch up on! Comic-Con 2007 has passed and we somehow managed to survive another year. We will have our yearly page up sometime this week, or as soon as I go through all 1000 pictures!

Let’s get down to all of the past leaderboard winners and updates while we were at Comic-Con, this will be a little longer than usual, so here we go:

  • Week 17 Winners
    • StrakatStranglr – Alien Hominid
    • Egyokeo – All You Can Eat
  • Week 18 Winners
    • StrakatStranglr – Alien Hominid
    • VengefulTiler – All You Can Eat
  • Week 19 Winners
    • StrakatStranglr – Alien Hominid
    • MonkeyisBest – All You Can Eat
    • MonkeyisBest – PDA Games
  • Week 20 Winners
    • Crown TSA – Alien Hominid
    • August Ham MAN – All You Can Eat

Edit: Adding Week 20 winners as requested by August Ham MAN

Congratulations to all of the winners, and especially to StrakatStranglr for getting 3 consecutive wins and reaching the coveted Hall-of-Fame.

Next on our list is the Downloadable Content that we released last week. We have a free picture pack that includes all of the destructive vehicles that are in Alien Hominid HD, and for the PDA level pack category, 100 challenging levels created by our very own game testers here at The Behemoth. We hope you get a chance to check them out, they are not only fun to play, but will challenge your brains out!
Vehicle Picture Pack – Cost: FREE

PDA Challenge Pack – Cost: 150 Microsoft Points

Comic-Con is Coming…..


9 days left until Comic-Con 2007 is here. We’re really looking forward to this years show as we celebrate our 5th year! at the con! We’re going to have a brand new, hand made booth, new merchandise, and both Castle Crashers, and Alien Hominid HD playable demo’s. In addition to all of this, our friends over at Newgrounds will be joining us this year. Our booth number is #4529 and we will be right on the main aisle, just look for the giant chicken.

In case you’ve never been to Comic-Con, we have documented our last 4 years for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at our news section and browse through some of our previous years at the show. We started off in 2003 with just a table, a large chicken, and a playable demo of Alien Hominid, and this year we are going all out and putting together one of the most elaborate booth’s ever, which pretty much means we will have 2 tables this time. (<–sarcasm)

Hope to see you there!

Week 15+16 Winners

We didn’t get a chance to post last weeks winners, so to make up for it we will post a little early this time around. A lot to report, so i’ll try to make this as short as possible. Both RYW209 and Kijdhefgi have made their respective ways to our Hall-of-Fame, while we have a new monthly PDA Games leader, Blur of Ions.

Comic-Con is rapidly approaching and things are getting insanely busy here at the office. For those of you who haven’t received your trophies yet, please be patient, we haven’t forgotten about you. Finally, we have some things coming down the pipe that are pretty exciting. Hopefully by the end of this week I can elaborate a little more. THanks for all the support!