Behemoth Trophies

For the past couple of months we’ve been working on assembling our custom made Behemoth Trophies in order to ship them out to our weekly Leaderboard winners. During that time we’ve been documenting the process because well….we like to document our projects, and more importantly we’re the first developer/publisher to offer something like this, so we wanted to be sure we had some pictures on hand. Needless to say, they came out amazingly well and the whole process can be seen from start to finish here.

So here is the first ever shot (to your right) of our exclusive Behemoth Trophies. We’ve beeen putting the final touches on them and getting them all prepped for shipping. Our Leaderboard compeition is scheduled to run for a whole year and we’re currently in week 6 of the contest. So there is still plenty of time for you to win one of these exclusive trophies.

If you’re not certain how to enter our competition, it’s simple! First make sure you have a Xbox 360, then you need to log-on to the Xbox Live Arcade service and download Alien Hominid HD (only 800 Microsoft Points!) Finally, you need to be the top scorer in any of theese three categories:

Alien Hominid HD (Main Game – Hard Difficulty)
All You Can Eat (Weekly Ranked Match)
PDA Games (Monthly Ranked Match)

After you win, you will be contacted by us and we’ll send you your trophies, not to mention we feature your Gamercard on our site and you have the opportunity to be placed in the Hall of Fame where you will receive a super grand prize. If you want a list of the FULL rules, just head over to the official page and check them out. So congratulations to all the previous winners and good luck to those who are still trying.

Week 6 Winners

It’s been 6 crazy weeks of leaderboard madness and the competitions are getting closer and closer each time. This week we honor two of our latest winners who will join the coveted Hall of Fame. AzBat5 and McCarrick have fought their way to 3 overall wins and have earned their spots in Hall of Fame history. In addition to their weekly and Hall of Fame wins we have MondoBondo taking his second consecutive win for All You Can Eat. He’s one away from reaching Hall of Fame status, unless we have someone who can knock him off his top spot.

Finally, we have a special surprise for everyone coming up tomorrow at Be sure to check that out!

Week 5 Winners

Our weekly winners are in! AzBat5 and MondoBondo have stepped up their game and made it to the top of the leaderboards for this past week.

AzBat5 takes his second Alien Hominid win and MondoBondo ate his way to his first All You Can Eat victory. In case you haven’t been checking everyday already, our Leaderboards section is live and displaying our weekly winners. Be sure to check it out and if you have enough skill to do so, you might even get your name on there.