Drop it like it’s hot, Ninja-style

We present to you, Ninja. Besides looking (and being) tough, hiding under his black mask that adds to his mysteriousness, he can actually be a nice guy when he wants to be. Oh, and he’s a fast runner too. See how he calmly stands still while the chain of blocks he set off combusts ever… Read more »

BattleBlock Theater – Prologue

Underneath all of the deranged theater cats, captured prisoners, and gladiatorial mayhem, there is a story about betrayal. Not just any specific kind of betrayal, but one that involves a freaky top hat that controls your actions , and forces you to capture your best friend. To celebrate the start of Comic-Con today we have for you… Read more »

Battleblock Theater – Opening Cinematic

One thing that was overwhelming for us at PAX East this year was the enormous response we had for our BattleBlock Theater demo. There was a line to play the game about 20 people deep the entire show! Like most shows we attend we had great opportunities to talk to those of you who made… Read more »

Castle Crashers Princess GPS Voice

Kudos to those who unraveled the riddle.  Not quite a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.  But more a voice, wrapped in a blog, and dipped in science.  The Red Princess can now guide you on your real life adventures! The use of the Princeses GPS voice requires a TomTom (GPS not Fulp) device…. Read more »