BattleBlock Theater’s lava blocks, and prisoner #10305

Our weekly BattleBlock Theater prisoner update has occured!!!!!   Prisoner #10305 will take the spotlight, along with the development of our LAVA BLOCKS. We first based our prototyped gameplay of BattleBlock Theater (when it was still “Game 3″) off of our now-ancient mini-game from Alien Hominid.  That mini-game, back in 2003, was called PDA Games!… Read more »

Tokyo Anime Fair: Day 2

皆さんこんにちは! 与儀須美で~す。 Hi guys!  This is Sumi, translator for The Behemoth reporting in on behalf of Team Tokyo!  We saw Team Boston’s post with all their pictures, and couldn’t resist making a post of our own, so I’m here to stealth post while everyone’s still hard at work here at Tokyo Anime Fair! It is… Read more »

PAX East, Day 1

Hello all! Tierney here, you may have seen me in such roles as “The Orange Princess does Comic-Con ’09” …or, well that is about it. I’m here to update you on team Behemoth U.S.A and our travels so far this week. Upon our arrival to this freezing, ice city of brick  and bridges, we quickly… Read more »