Update on Castle’s journey to your Castle

Hello people of earth!

July was a busy month for us over here at The Behemoth. Not only did we have Comic Con, our biggest tradeshow of the year, and our continued work on BattleBlock Theater, but we were right in the thick of the submission process with Castle Crashers for the PlayStation Network.

So let’s talk Castle Crashers. For people on a continent whose last name is “America,” the price will be as close as we can get it to $15. Maybe $14.99. Maybe $15.01. Somewhere right around there. The long and the short of it- Castle Crashers is coming to planet earth like a speeding train ready to fly off the tracks and crash into a village. That village is your PS3.

Meanwhile, we are also getting ready to attend the Penny-Arcade Expo on September 3-5th, in Seattle: Booth #3102. We’re bringing with us our latest build from BattleBlock Theater, awesome merchandise for all of your consumption needs, and a never before seen 4-player Castle Crashers arcade cabinet, just for PAX. Say what? Did we just say arcade cabinet? Wait a second am I talking to myself? What is going on?

Here’s a little mock up of our preliminary design. Hopefully we can find some quadruplets so it can look just like this. We’ll have more pics to post as we get further into the construction process.





30 Responses to “Update on Castle’s journey to your Castle”

  1. br3330 - 0

    well first of all im first and that sounds pretty fucking awesome i cant wait for a train to run into my village and then spend 15 for a whole game instead of a call of duty map pack yay =D

  2. DB - 0

    I knew there was a reason I’ve been holding onto these clones! Only problem is we all want to play the Red Knight. :(

  3. UltimaGabe - 0

    I can’t help but feel like this response is just as non-committal as you’ve been giving us for the last six months. You said pretty much the exact same thing when it went into the “final submission process” two months ago. What good is it to tell us it’s “coming soon” if you refuse to tell us whether that means a week, a month, or a year?

    • Auzei - 4

      I think you should calm down for a second. First 360 version had a longer wait from when it was announced. Also, They are telling us as much information as possible. It’s the PSN that hasn’t told THEM the exact date. If anyone is to blame, blame PSN

      • UltimaGabe - 0

        Look at it objectively, though. Aside from telling us the price, did this update give us anything more concrete than any of the previous updates where they said it was “coming soon”?

      • Auzei - 4

        If they know the price Ultima that means it must be pretty close if they haven’t told us it yet. Also “Coming Soon” is farther away then “Castle Crashers is coming to planet earth like a speeding train ready to fly off the tracks and crash into a village. That village is your PS3.” In my eyes ‘coming soon’ could mean it just left the station. If it’s about to rocket of into a village that means it’s already very very very close =]

      • killerphil - 0

        They just want to give us hope that will be coming soon cause they have freaking idea when it will comme out

  4. ym2151 - 0

    This is funny. Castle Crashers does not have a good control setup for a stick and buttons. Why is there no controller setup in the game? Why is magic set to a modifier button? They work so hard to make a classic beat ’em up and screw up on the controls. It should have 4 buttons maximum, and even that is pushing it.

    • ym2151 - 0

      Why the down-vote? I mean, the control scheme is fine if you are playing with a controller. But it’s as if the developers have never played a beat ’em up on an actual arcade machine. Castle Crashers is a console brawler through and through. It suffers as an arcade game due to the complexity of the controls. It’s more Guardian Heroes than it is Streets of Rage.

      • killerphil - 0

        If the controls are too confusing for you why don’t you go play an a real arcade game cause this one isn’t a normal one it’s way too awsome

  5. V-K - 0


    15$ are 11€. Round up for the PSN 10€ is the price I expect.

    When it costs 15€ that would be 19$ almost 5 dollar more than US users have to pay and I would not buy the game then.

  6. kitchen_tiles - 0

    I love you guys even more now, and this would be the first time I’ve seen a game priced at 15.01 if you were to go with that. Do we have any news on a release date. thank you for your time.

  7. 2n games - 0

    15dollars 110sek 😉
    i got 170sek left after mw2 map pack :D.
    I wounder if they will realse the dlc directly.

  8. UltimaGabe - 0

    Wow. Sure is one fast train, Behemoth. It’s taking a minimum of 12 days (if it’s coming next week, which is doubtful) to reach its destination. I certainly wouldn’t call that “ready to fly off its tracks”.

    • HammerFace - 0

      what’s with all the negativity dude, at least they are trying to give us an update on the progress of the games submission process, which people begged and stuff for!