You are Insane (Mode)

(Before you ask: No release date yet! Thanks for asking! Now on to the news…)

Greetings peoples,

Today we talk about some additions to our extremely challenging gameplay mode in Castle Crashers called Insane Mode.

For those of you new to the Castle Crashers world, Insane mode is a super crazy difficulty setting that is unlocked once you beat the game for the first time with any character. It’s like voluntarily injecting all your enemies with a cocktail of steroids, rocks, and radioactive goo, beefing them up like crazy. So for those who enjoy AI beating the pulp out of you as you progress through the game, this mode is for you.


We’ve tried to add a few things to this Insane Mode for the imminent release of the PlayStation Network version. We’ve already mentioned the new gold “You are Insane” trophy, that you’ll earn by completing Insane Mode in PS3 Castle Crashers. So I’m here today to tell you about a new shopping experience you’ll have in the world of Castle Crashers PSN. There will be a new store available in Insane Mode, the “Insane Store”, for all your Insane shopping needs! What will you buy in there? What will the prices be like? Will they accept coupons??



22 Responses to “You are Insane (Mode)”

  1. a rab1d turkey - 9

    ok. 3 things.
    1. PLEASE add these onto the XBLA! we had it first!
    2. I know this is going 2 be disliked about 30 or 40 times.
    3. INSTEAD of making the PS3 Castle Crashers better right now, maybe u should work on BattleBlock Theater! It matters more!

    • Mayor of Behemothtown - Kelly Revak - 0

      we are working hard on both! in fact, i should have a nice little BBT update for you all on Thursday. 😀

      • Fermin - 0

        Thanks Kelly but xbla players should also get castle crashers extra content even if it was as dlc, besides xbla users have given you like 1st place in the top rated arcade games for about a year.
        We should get something too 😀

      • a rab1d turkey - 9

        YES! “BBT” and “update” in the same sentence means happy pill seziure!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • 2n games - 0

      You as battle block maby means more to you but i have been wating for cc to psn for over 6 months. dont complaign be happy for oss psn users instead.
      sorry for my bad english.

  2. SeanColombo - 0

    I’m also an XBLA player and also would like these upgrades. Furthermore, would like to know where that screenshot came from 😛 that’s not in XBLA either! :)

    Methinks it appears there is a market for these features among your XBLA fans. Perhaps if you made it part of a $5 DLC pack, it could justify the extra engineering time it would take to merge this back into your XNA codebase. You make bling, we play games, everyone winz!

  3. Dare - 0

    XBLA guys quit whining u got it like 2 years ahead of us, plus ur getting bbt. Ps3 needs to have some stuff too

  4. Mromson - 2

    Mrommy would like to know the actual release date! …Or better yet! The PC Release date! You know it’s coming!



    I’m really looking forward to the Insane (Mode), gonna be a blast to go through it with friends. What is this Store thing though? Like, in-game item store? Or a normal “gimme your munni or yer life!” kind of PSN store?

  5. Psub Xero - 6

    That looks cool can’t wait.

    By the way before you mentioned the submission process how long does that take? I searched online but there is nothing there which makes sense seeing as only people who program games need to know it.

  6. Rytter - 0

    how much awsomnes can you put into this.. its almost like a NEW titel!!!
    so how many cop’ies’ can i buy 😉

  7. 2n games - 0

    OMG THIS IS AZOMW to bad you dident realse the date yet. but hope it in the summer so i have time to play.

  8. Kaiken09 - 7

    Awesome, AWESOME!!!! well since you guys are working so hard, i got nothing to ask of you, just take your time and have fun with it. The only thing i gotta say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING US PS3 OWNERS, WHO WOULD LOVE CASTLE CRASHERS, lol totally willin to pay as much as your asking for it too :3

  9. Kaiken09 - 7

    i’m sorry to say, but more updates would be awesome, and even a release date will make everyone shout with joy!! 😀

  10. LEGOPsycho - 0

    Well,that’s so cool,improving the game
    unfortunately,I’m an XBox owner
    and that new things that will come to PS3
    won’t be on XBox
    that’s so lame……maybe,u can make add-ons to the game
    adding everything or just the new things that would come
    or maybe you could realease the game again with the new features
    I don’t know,something that let the XBox owners have everything that’s coming new
    because if you don’t know it,we love the game,and I’ll like it to be longer
    and we,the XBox owners were the ones that shared the game to the world
    so I think it’s unfair that we bought it first,and we won’t have all that things that the PS3 will have
    it’just an option…think it over

    And sorry if I miswritten something…..I’m from Puerto Rico…latino
    I do my best to speak english
    thanks for hearing

  11. Mralien76 - 0

    I just hope all these things come to 360, even if we have to pay for it. PS3 players had to wait two years, I wouldn’t mind paying a few dollars for it.

  12. LEGOPsycho - 0

    Now I really know what you should do
    U may make an update including everything thats new on the PS3 for the XBox 360,but u can only download it if you pay certain amount of points…lets say 800 Microsoft points…and puff…equality for both consoles and earning some money for the trouble of making us XBox owners proud of your kindness toward us,by letting us share the same game experience that PS3 owners will have with the new improved Castle Crashers Arcade Game…Thats sound fair doesn’t it?…And just saying,this is my opinion…you should make a Game Add-on for the game bringing The Blacksmith, The Nurse(the one in the ark) as playable characters…that would be so cool,a lesbian nurse because she will kiss the princesses…and maybe The King Of The Industrial Castle too can be a playable character,and The Mage (Final Boss)….or even the Four Princesses too(The orange one in her princess form,not in clown form)….and The Lady that talks to you at the start of tha game that lets you know who to use the controls…and The Guy that gives you the potion if you don’t have any at the start of the game…….I know…’s a lot,but that would be cool,don’t you think so……playing with everyone in the game,even the princesses…… should think so,and I know it’s a lot of work,so I’m not expecting it to be free,but I know every Castle Crasher player would pay for it, because everyone of them would like to see this too
    My dream is to see all this coming true,and being alive to see and play this

    Hope you can help us XBox owners

    • 99er - 0

      Behemoth MUST have a FREE downloadable pack for us Xbox owners please! Include all the stuff for the PS3. I mean, we had it first but they get a special thing to help them!? I’ve been trying to win Insane Mode FOREVER. I just can’t do it, unless some 256 idiot joins the group. I kick them anyways but I thing us Xbox owners deserve a little help! :(