Alien. Rhymes with Flalien.

Alien and Barbarian tallHello again!

We’ve gotten a lot of questions wondering if our dear old pal Alien Hominid would be available on the PSN version of Castle Crashers. Well now, we wouldn’t want to make him a sad alien and keep him out of all the fun would we?

On XBLA, the Alien character is a thank you note to people who had bought Alien Hominid HD.    The Behemoth is alive today because Alien Hominid HD  saved our entire company single-handedly!  That’s intense, but it’s the truth!   For the PSN version of Castle Crashers we have no way of telling who supported us by purchasing Alien Hominid for PS2.  It would be unfair to starve our earlier supporters – so we are going to attempt what is the most fair and make the logical assumption that by this point everyone has PS2 Alien Hominid, right?

As to how you’ll unlock him on the PS3, lets just say he’ll get by with a little help from his friends. ;)

Next week, we’ll tell you about some new benefits you’ll find to playing Insane Mode. That is, besides calluses on your thumbs and post traumatic stress disorder.


20 Responses to “Alien. Rhymes with Flalien.”

  1. killboy47 - 0

    This might be a problem u see because some ps3 don’t have a backwards capability (to play ps2 games) so what now?

  2. Sizzler7 - 0

    Sweet the PS3 version is going to be the definitive version for sure. I love my Alien Hominid I still play it on my Gamecube.

  3. Psub Xero - 6

    I have alien hominid for the gamecube which coincidentally has just as much compatibility as the PS2 version would have. If I insert my disk with instant pudding covering it can I play as my favorite boss? Awesome. This is almost as great as the time I almost convinced my DM to let me play as an alien hominid (my old character was too alive for me to do so). This game is getting better by the second.

  4. superfrog - 0

    Really cool. You could always release Alien Hominid HD for the PSN? Sounds like a plan to me.

    • Psub Xero - 6

      porting a game isn’t as easy as you would think. And plus Matt Hazard: Bloodbath and Beyond is a great side-scrolling shooter, it plays just like Alien Hominid.

  5. 16ftPauly - 1

    Hey you Behemoth ppl, I just finished watching the newest GTTV and I noticed that in the background of the interview with one of the guys at beenox studios there is a wall with action figures!!

    There are the Castle Crasher and alien homonid figurines in the background at prime locations ;). Haha I was excited seeing them!! wauw looks like someone at beenox is a big Behemoth fan!!!! 😀

  6. sxfd123 - 0

    I think you guys should add some of this new stuff to the X box 360 version so people have more choices with the X box.

  7. Rytter - 0

    hey kelly.

    “Next week, we’ll tell you about some new benefits you’ll find to playing Insane Mode. That is, besides calluses on your thumbs and post traumatic stress disorder.”

    tell me, i uhh need my fix 😀

    • Mayor of Behemothtown - Kelly Revak - 0

      Hi Rytter,

      I’ve been out all week with the flu, this week for sure! I have not forgotten. 😀


  8. Crasher - 0

    Have PS2, but never had Alien Hominid D: I have a 360 now though.. Sounds pretty cool though! I wanna get it next time I see it in a store. But, I would love to do this challenge. Maybe next time I will be lucky XP

  9. Eric95 - 0

    I bought Alien Hominid for PS2, but I lost my disc :(

    I’m gonna buy it for Xbox 360 soon, though! Why did you remove the PDA level creator?