Castle Crashers teams up on Arena

Dear humans,

We have always had more ideas for Castle Crashers than we’ve had time to implement. It’s a lot like raising a kid.  You want to take your time and make them perfect but at some point you have to let them leave the nest or they might become a cave troll.  If your kid happens to move back in after college you are suddenly granted another shot to teach them all the stuff you couldn’t before.  Like how to get a job so they can pay for their own apartment or tie their shoes.

So since we’ve had to rewrite the code for the game anyway as we bring it to PS3, we’ve been able to add some features that have been lingering in the backs of our minds since this whole thing started.  Here is an example of this:

Player Arena matches will now allow you to choose teams! You can play 2 on 2 or take on the world with 1 v 3.  Of course, you can still do free-for-all as well.  Sharing a sweet, sweet victory with your friend is like eating a delicious cake in front of your other friends while they cry.  It’s like their pride is inside the cake that you are devouring and your teammate is your stomach helping to digest that pride.  And there can only be one mouth and one stomach to eat it with, so the other mouth and stomach have to watch even though mouths and stomachs don’t have eyes.  Take that, eyeless teeth and stomachs.

Speaking of digestion.. please do us a favor by tasting these screenshots and watch our QA ninjas team up to beat the tar out of each other after the jump.



11 Responses to “Castle Crashers teams up on Arena”

  1. Rickster - 0

    I’d really love to know if you have any plan on releasing any of these changes to the XBLA version of the game. It’s a great game and this + volleyball would be a lot of fun (or even as DLC)

  2. Demendred - 5

    Everyday, more and more people are told of this gem gracing the ps3. When the time comes, I hope you sell 1000 copies 3 times over. Again, many thanks for this game coming to us :)

  3. Rytter - 0

    kelly you postet on the blog about even more new stuff.. got a date for some info on that?? and is it just as great as volly and team arena?

  4. kirk696 - 0

    Do you think you will make a castle crashers 2 i know its just an arcade game but its been such a big hit and will ps3 castle crashers have any new weapons or charaters?

    plz reply