Castle Crashers PS3 Update!!


Dear Behemites,

We know you have been eagerly awaiting news on Castle Crashers for PS3, so here is an update for you!

Our indefatigable programmers have been working their little fingers to the bone to make this game perfect for you. We’ve completed our internal testing, courtesy of our new Testopia office, a wonderland of testing joy. We have now sent the title off to a 3rd party vendor for final testing before we begin the submission process with Sony.

“OK, great.. but when is it releasing? I must crash castles NAOW!!” you scream.

“We don’t know!” Says the mighty Chicken. “We hear you better when you don’t yell.” Much depends on how this final round of testing goes. But we are in the final stretch. And of course we will keep you posted when we know any firm, or even squishy dates.

In the meantime, more new info for you!

Trophies! Most of the trophies will be the same as the XBLA Achivements. To replace the “Glork” achievement from good ol’ All You Can Quaff, we have a new Volleyball trophy: “Social Networker.” Brush up on your social skills, as you will have to work with the other team to achieve an impressive number of volleys back and forth. Also, we’ve added a new Gold Trophy for those of you crazy enough to beat the game on Insane mode. This Trophy is called, appropriately, “You are Insane.



Hit the jump to find out and for screenshots /video featuring our own testers showing off some quick vball matches  (Another new feature will be unveiled next week. Hint.. it involves Arena mode. what could it be???)

30 Responses to “Castle Crashers PS3 Update!!”

  1. 2n games

    OMFG THX INFORMATION! to bad we dident get the realse date (hhope its at the start of the summer) THIS ALL SOUNS GREAT I HAVE BEEN WATING FOR OVER 6 MONTHS AND YES I NEED TO USE CL!

  2. Leon Belmont

    OMG I wanttttt ittttt NAOWWWWW!!!

    It’s the game that I’m wainting for, so please release it soon!

    Thanks for the NEWS!

  3. elquinto

    This looks AMAZING! What about Alien Hominid HD? Is it going to get a reboot as well? Its my favorite.

  4. jakinov

    You guys need to make sure that each player can save to their own User Account when playing locally. The way the PS3’s OS is set up you don’t login to a user for each controller the developer has to implement this in their game so that when two people play locally they don’t share the SAME game save. Also make sure when playing locally both players can earn trophies instead of just one.

    • Mayor of Behemothtown - Kelly Revak

      ? As far as I know only one user may be logged in at a time on a PS3. can you name a PSN title that has this feature that we could take a look at?

      • Slax

        As far as I remember, LittleBigPlanet had such a feature, where if a second player jumped into the game they were able to select either a Guest account, which used the first player’s account status, or with their own PSN account that was registered within the same PS3.

      • Psub Xero

        I hope the programmers knew that. If not then maybe in a patch? Ah whatever it is still going to be amazing. Please include custom music. Castle Crashers music is great but sometimes I want my own music and some developers act pompous and purposely don’t add it even after a large portion of their fanbase has requested it. And also the built in video recorder would be a nice feature like in Ragdoll Kung-Fu. Even without any of those features I will without a doubt buy Castle Crashers PS3 and most (if not all) subsequent DLC.

  5. Ron

    Hey guys why don’t you add a DLC for the XBLA Version of game with the same stuff plus Achievements why does it have to be exclusive to PS3? I don’t understand? Can you please add this to XBLA version because this is sort of a stab in the back to us fans who bought the game on the XBLA version..

  6. Demendred

    As a PS3 user, I am happy for this game, and understand what must be done. Please, take as much time as needed 🙂 A rushed game has bugs 🙁

  7. ike

    This is great news for the PS3 crowd… when can we expect an iPad version? I would love to see how Castle Crashers would translate to the iPad?! Gestures, multi-touch!? It would be a whole new experience!

  8. plaztiksyke

    I’m really happy to hear about local co-op modes! my husband and I loved playing all the PixelJunk games because of their great music, unique art style, and fun local co-op that wasn’t split-screen.

    Couple of questions/requests:
    -any new music? if so, who’s writing/contributing it?

    -will the music and/or other assets be 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed? we and our friends love games like Critter Crunch, Braid, and Uncharted that go the extra mile to make their games sound amazing on the PS3’s great hardware!

    -will the gfx be native 1080p? any MSAA to help reduce the aliasing artifacts?

    -will it have a platinum trophy?

    -can all the trophies be gotten in local co-op? Magic Ball/Orbz was very irritating in that it required us to play through a solo game to pick up all the trophies, even after we beat all the levels in co-op!

    it’s looking great so far, depending on the answers to my questions and the pricepoint, this might be an immediate purchase for me and my friends 🙂

  9. kirk696

    hey ive just been wondering will be get any new dlc packs and is there anythink new on ps3 than the xbox version i played on this game on my friends xbox and thought it was amazing so i carnt wait till it comes on the ps3 hope it comes out for the summer !

  10. aodmisery

    will u be able to play say two players on one ps3 connected online with another two players on another ps3. only game i’ve seen do this is warhawk on ps3 hopefully this game can do it too.

  11. superzowsky

    why the hell are all the xbox questions downrated? o.o
    isn’t it smarter to just answer their question? :/
    but for them; No, as far as I know it’s not coming to xbla. If you really want the volleyball game you can just buy a ps3.

    … for some reason I really have the feeling this is going to be downrated too :s

  12. Dare

    plz don’t add a dlc for XBLA they already got the game like 3 years earlier than us, this exclusive would make it even