Castle Crashers PS3 Update!!


Dear Behemites,

We know you have been eagerly awaiting news on Castle Crashers for PS3, so here is an update for you!

Our indefatigable programmers have been working their little fingers to the bone to make this game perfect for you. We’ve completed our internal testing, courtesy of our new Testopia office, a wonderland of testing joy. We have now sent the title off to a 3rd party vendor for final testing before we begin the submission process with Sony.

“OK, great.. but when is it releasing? I must crash castles NAOW!!” you scream.

“We don’t know!” Says the mighty Chicken. “We hear you better when you don’t yell.” Much depends on how this final round of testing goes. But we are in the final stretch. And of course we will keep you posted when we know any firm, or even squishy dates.

In the meantime, more new info for you!

Trophies! Most of the trophies will be the same as the XBLA Achivements. To replace the “Glork” achievement from good ol’ All You Can Quaff, we have a new Volleyball trophy: “Social Networker.” Brush up on your social skills, as you will have to work with the other team to achieve an impressive number of volleys back and forth. Also, we’ve added a new Gold Trophy for those of you crazy enough to beat the game on Insane mode. This Trophy is called, appropriately, “You are Insane.



Hit the jump to find out and for screenshots /video featuring our own testers showing off some quick vball matches  (Another new feature will be unveiled next week. Hint.. it involves Arena mode. what could it be???)