PAX east Tee winners!

We recently gave
a challange to write haiku
to win PAX east shwag

All entries were rad
Hit the jump to see winners
was so hard to choose!

As always we are so endlessly impressed with the creativity of everyone’s entries. Below are some of our favorites, winning a BattleBlock Theater PAXeast shirt in Large. Which one is your favorite? Winners, please email your name and address to Games[at]thebehemoth{dawt}com. Yay!

From Twitter (@thebehem0th)

The tornado Bear
Twists around and around
Looking for his tail

Castles were crashed
Hominids were saved, fat kid
time to battle blocks

Bitey Bat, my friend
You don’t hurt them much, do you
So cute, I love you

I need a new shirt
this one is covered with blood
I think I killed her…

Battle Block Theater
Only four words can describe:
Castle Crashed my pants.

How many men died?
For this little alien?
My guess? Not Enough.

who is hominid?
Does he know of love or pain?
he just ate my head.

I met you at PAX
and was swayed by your fun booth
My castle was crashed.

i love the sentence
the behemoth: we make games
guess what? we play them.


SushiGummy for his 17 haiku epic.

Darth Nater 77
These are my haikus.
Alien Hominid: too
many syllables!

Los Castle Crashers
son caballeros muy

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