Super Chicken Super Charity Haiti fundraiser CONTINUES!!

Dear friends,

We have been truly humbled by the generosity of people contributing to our, and so many other, Haiti relief fundraisers over the last week. We haven’t gotten exact numbers in yet, but we know there’s been a LOT of dlc downloaded for our games in the last few days since we announced the Super Chicken Super Charity Haiti fundraiser, which means double LOTS of $ donated to the Red Cross Haiti Relief fund. (We’ll update this with the numbers when we get em!) We don’t want to stop now, though, because there is so much more aid needed and so much more work to be done to help the people of Haiti begin to recover from this catastrophe. So we are going to continue the fundraiser through this Friday (January 29th).

Once again, that’s 100 % of all revenue generated by downloadable content (dlc game add-ons, themes, and picture packs) for Castle Crashers or Alien Hominid on XBLA will be donated to disaster relief in Haiti. PLUS, The Behemoth will match the amount raised through dlc sales, for a Double Dose of Haitian Donation. This week we’ll be donating all the money raised to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international medical humanitarian organization. From the MSF website: “Despite enduring profound losses of their own, Haitian members of MSF’s staff have continued to do everything they can to provide emergency medical care to their countrymen and women in the aftermath of the January 12 earthquake.”

So that’s a total of 200% of all our revenue from dlc, Monday January 25 through Friday January 29th, going to MSF to help out with the continuing medical crisis in Haiti. Its a chance to support a really great cause that will benefit those who are in need and get to add some additional content to your games!


The Behemoth  monkay

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