The Behemoth Super Chicken Super Charity- Haiti Relief!!!


For the next few days (Wednesday January 20th to Sunday, January 24th) we are going to help with disaster relief in Haiti and you can help too! We’ll help each other to a double helping of help for those who need help! Isn’t that helpful!

100 % of all revenue generated by downloadable content for either of our titles on XBLA will be donated to disaster relief in Haiti. PLUS, all of The Behemoth employees have decided that as a group, we will personally match the amount generated by you all! Who will WIN? Everyone.

Wait, what? OK. If you download DLC for either Castle Crashers or Alien Homind HD in the next 4 days, we’ll donate all the money we get TIMES TWO to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development. So basically, you’re helping out a great cause that will benefit those who are in need and get to add some additional content to your games.


The Behemoth

18 Responses to “The Behemoth Super Chicken Super Charity- Haiti Relief!!!”

  1. Radical Dylan - Eggie [Level 0]

    Does this offer only count towards the game add ons? or do the picture packs count towards the Haiti donations as well?

  2. BillyHoush - 0

    Does this count fo actual full game purchases? This would be a good excuse for me to buy Castle Crashers for my nephew.

  3. scarabix - 9

    the king don’t even knows how to speak french.he should say: théléchargez moi et je veillerais personnellement à sauver haïti.needs to be updated.

      • klaim - 0

        There is a typo : no first ‘h’ in ‘téléchargez”. In good french, it would be exactly : “Téléchargez-moi et je veillerais personellement à sauver Haïti.”

  4. Demendred - 5

    Wow, jut wow, I thought you guys were great before, but to do this. You guys are really great for helping out those who need it. They should erect a behemoth statue in your honor. Keep up the great work!

  5. Mike Kelehan - 0

    This is very cool. At the end of the day, I believe this comes out as donating 140% of what I pay for the DLC to the Red Cross, and I don’t know of any other donation drives that can match those kinds of numbers.

    I sent a blast message to my XBL friends, and made mention of this in my motto, bio, and Facebook page. Let’s bleed The Behemoth dry on this one!

  6. SPeedy - 0

    Hey great idea guys I just went out and bought castle crashers!
    but… I ended up bying it at the 23 12:10 which officiallymade it the 24 is my money still going to the Charity? plz say yes 😛

  7. Lucky 13 X - 0

    So am I still in time to make a donation and decrease Behemoth’s revenue? Its an hour and a half from midnight where I am in the US.

    • Lucky 13 X - 0

      Just in case you missed it. I do want Behemoth to do well.
      That “revenue” comment above was a joke, but I do want to show my surpport for Haiti if I could through The Behemoth.

    • Lucky 13 X - 0

      I wish I cuold edit. I hate having to reply to my own comment.

      But all purchases that I had not yet made for either game, have been made. Total donation is 1970 MS Points or $24.63. I hope it is helpful with the relief support in Haiti in some way.

      Thanks again for the opportunity Behemoth.