2 new Castle Crashers Picture Packs!

Boss Pack and Animal Orb Pack have just been released! They are available for the exchange of 80 Wonderwozzles on XBLA marketplace. You may see them here:

Boss Pack / Animal Orb pack

PAX went great! Thanks to everyone who stopped by or wished they could! I hope we can get you some video soon.

Quick sidenote: If anyone out there thinks they can make cool Game 3 music I recommend you go get crackin’!! Submit it to the Newgrounds Audio Portal! Post the link in the comments here and I’ll be sure to check it out.

Did you know we used the Newgrounds Audio Portal for ALL of the music in Castle Crashers? Heck yea!


11 Responses to “2 new Castle Crashers Picture Packs!”

  1. syntrus - 0

    Syns bad ass playlist






    (it was ng’s theme for christ sakes)





    I know thats a lot of shit to choose from but I figure if i give you lots you can pick something you like.

    Regards Syntrus 😀

  2. Stevwillz311 - 0

    I love that you guys use User submitted music for your games. It gives a chance for great casual artists out there to get their stuff in a fantastic game and you guys get great music for your games. A win win scenario if I ever saw one.

    It’s cool to hear extended versions of the songs used in the game as well. I really liked the full version of the end stage music from Castle Crashers and used it in my video review of the game ages ago.

    Can’t wait for Game #3!