Necromantic Pack DLC

While you crafty peoples have already figured most of this out through various leaks, here at last confirmed are the details of the fearsome and fabulous… Necromantic Pack DLC for Castle Crashers!

Isn't it Necromantic?

It will include:

Two new Characters!

The Necromancer (who’s magic is pure awesome) and The Cult Minion

A new Animal Orb

Dragonhead will bring the heat!

Two new Weapons!

The NG Skull Mace and yes, …the damn Chainsaw.

No word yet on the release date or price, and once again, this is completely up to Microsoft.  But I can leave you with a tantalizing.. SOON.

We will post the date as soon as we find out!



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21 Responses to “Necromantic Pack DLC”

  1. deadlyfree - 0

    behemoth loves me! lolol great, new characters, but u should make a castle crashers 2 or an expansion or something like that, it would be cool, n just 5 more days for the birthday, congrats behemoth!!!!

  2. Jai - 5

    I am excited! Very curious about the magics of the characters, the ability of the orb, and the stats on the weapons. 😀

  3. Mr Samurai Guy - 7

    Hoorah! Another DLC. And another visit to the XBL Market place.

    Who’s to say we can’t love The Behemoth too. ^^
    A new journey from Home Castle with, ” …the damn Chainsaw”, and a hot-headed Dragonhead to accompany me, myself, and my pure awesome magical abilities. >:)

    You guys continue to inspire me. :)

  4. GrimHeaper - 0

    I am so psyched about this and mostly because i’m 99% sure it come out aug 27th because if you look back to the king pack it came out on jan 14(roughly halfway to the anniversary)so i’m assuming that microsoft will release the necromantic pack on the anneversary to celebrate one full year of castle crashers.

  5. Beatle13 - 0

    The necromancer is my favorite charater I have the pack, this comment was posted aftewr the pack came out, the Necromancer RULES!