It’s a trailer.

I guess when we said that we would release the trailer on the 18th we didn’t really elaborate in which part of the country we would be in at the time. So here it is, our super early trailer for our third game which currently has no title. Let’s get some of the obvious questions out of the way first:

Release Date: See Trailer

Console : No specifics yet

Price: No idea

Game Details: Coming Soon

That should cover the basics.  the game is in a very super early development stage right now. We’re fortunate enough to have some awesome programmers that can get us playable versions of our games very very very early on.  At any rate here we go, enjoy!

The Behemoth – Game #3 Trailer from The Behemoth

Oh yeah one more thing. We’re officially on twitter now and we’re obsessed with watching our follower count grow like some type of text based rpg. So if you haven’t already check out our twitter page!


24 Responses to “It’s a trailer.”

  1. jouste - 4

    beyond excited! amazing and epic. i am wrenched with emotion right now. looks AMAZING guys. great trailer. really, really, really looking forward to the game. congrats!


  2. Psyver - 0

    And here I was expecting Grim Fandango with a Crying Sugar Cube in a top hat. It looks like the PDA games on crack with co-op and soccer balls. It looks fast, furious and delicious. I’ll be downloading this if it ends up on XBLA. In the mean time I hope to see more Castle Crashers DLC levels and characters. Maybe a Crying Suger Cube in a top hat?


  3. Awai Sakura - 0

    I am tottaly epicly over the top in love with it!!!

    IDK if it’s better them my fav game in the world Castle Crashers but it looks pretty dang awsome!

    BTW, I am the Behemoth’s #1 fan and I message Dan Paladin every day.


    • xXBlazePRXx - 0

      um dude good for you,but nobody really cares
      its ok to say your the #1 fan, but the dan paladin isnt important

  4. Jai - 5

    I’ll intervene with your text-based RPG Twitter obsession when you reach the point of twittering text-based RPG commands. In the meantime, Behemoth’s Threequel looks like all kinds of fun! Inexplicable fun being one of them.

  5. Chexlr - 0

    OMG!!!! :O THATS PURE AWESOMENESS RITE THERE and Looks like you guys took my idea about the mount thing thanks :) that reminds me of the PDA games its so awesome :O

  6. Prankard - 0

    As said before, it looks like PDA games on crack. The gameplay looks really interesting. A little early to tell exactly how it’ll work but it looks very co-op gameplay orientated (which I like).

    Don’t forget to have a puzzle mode and a level editor and a hub for loading/saving/making levels.

    Oh, and if you ever want a free beta tester, I’ll be happy to lend a hand.

  7. MrViral - Eggie [Level 0]

    oh. my. GAWD. PDA games was a mainstay way back when alien hominid was out. now it has the title it deserves. its OWN GAME!!!
    btw, first post get!!!


  8. pwnmaster - 5

    so i herd u liek mudkipz?

    But seriously there better be like, at least three internet memes in this game.

  9. DanteElDiablo - 0

    i hate that i have to wait for another amazing game, why dont you guys clone yourselves and make it the release date sooner