FREE King Pack DLC offer


Hello! We have always wanted our King Pack for Castle Crashers to be FREE. And it’s not!! SO, in order to achieve this we went ahead and bought a ton of download codes from Microsoft for our King Pack to give to you. Yes!

All that you have to do to receive the code for FREE stuff is write “behemoth loves me!” on the Behemoth Loves Me! forum thread and Kelly shall private-message you your code for a FREE King Pack to download for Castle Crashers.

Now — Kelly has been copying and pasting hundreds before I even posted this so please keep in mind that you might not get your code instantly – she asks that you please be patient. She’s making good time but her hands might break and we’ll have to tape them together again.

We will run out eventually so if you want this you must pounce!

Update: We have reached our limit of free download codes. If you’ve already made a post on our forum thread or messaged Kelly on our Facebook page then you have one reserved. We’re sending them out as fast as we can so it might take a few days to get to you.

Also, some new places to check up on us:

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much love,

24 Responses to “FREE King Pack DLC offer”

  1. lostlink2here - 0

    Too bad I already bought it with my hard earned spacebucks……. i mean Microsoft points. But, i love the expansion pack! Great job Behemoth, may your trail to fortune be littered by the bodies of your foes or Twinkie wrappers, what ever comes first

  2. yota2k - 0

    I like playing Castle Crashers and character.
    A sword and magic Game sysytem is good.
    Crazy mode is very dificult. I play it with my frends.

    I hope Castle Crasher II.

  3. martintour - 0

    Behemoth loves me!! si asi es behemoth me ama!!! vamos con estos chicos que sigan haciendo juegos y yo quiero mi codigo de descarga gratis

  4. somerandomguy09 - 0

    I love behemoth
    and behemoth loves me
    so this is why i write
    a small bit of poetry!!!

    Lol i don’t need castle crashers add-on the game is still great without it!!! :)

  5. DawnWarri0r - 0

    i luv Castle Crashers! Please make a second one! I think a comic series or a manga would be great too~! I want to be in game development when i grow up!


  6. Little Kids - 0

    We come from Germany, apologize for our bad English.
    Our whole family plays Castle Crasher.
    my sons is not a joke now, 5 years and 3 years old, to play so often it’s Castle Crashers. have already played many character-free. They would be very happy about the King!
    Please …. please give us a king! We Love Castle Crashers!!!
    One thousand kisses
    Family Murach


  7. XxSKELETOxX - 0

    Behemoth loves me! *late*

    Oh well, Castle Crashers is still amazing without the King Pack. I was actually planning on buying it this thursday anyway, so yay! I find it ironic that I didn’t check the site because I was occupied all weekend with Castle Crashers XD

  8. ClubTS - 0

    Behemoth Loves Me!

    (i hope)

    it would be very nice if i get a code for the king pack..

    grüße von deutschland an behemoth.

  9. bartlead - 0

    You wait this long to give a “free” DLC, but notify no one about this offer.
    After ruining the game and leaving your customers angry and scammed.
    How in the world does this fix anything…
    Man, I am sure to tell everyone not to buy from you, cause it seems like all you do is wait around and make fixes that really don’t make any difference.
    Hope you feel good about scamming the thousands of customers on XBLA who wanted a game, not a broken line of code…

    • kelly - 0

      well.. we DID announce it here on our dev blog.. on our forums.. on facebook and twitter.. But you’re right. we “notified no one”…

      • bartlead - 0

        Ahh, “customer service” with a sarcastic smile.
        Nothing proves true business results than a haughty employee telling the customer they are wrong.

        Guess some people don’t go to business school.

        Have fun with the BBB

        Next time appreciate your customers and don’t bamboozle them out of cash for a broken game that should have worked.

        Take a business ethics course someday.

      • danp - B

        “Nothing proves true business results than a haughty employee telling the customer they are wrong.”

        …in all fairness what part of your message is even something we can reply to that would not correct you? you have a flurry of false accusations. allow me to address them:

        we’re not going to tell you you’re right that we’re “scamming the thousands of customers on XBLA” or that we “notify no one about this offer” because you’re just plain wrong. you’re just going to have to accept that fact. you can check facebook/twitter/this devblog/our forum/destructoid for evidence of notifications. we cannot possibly be scamming anyone because we are giving something out for free that we have purchased for your benefit.

        look at where you are currently complaining about notification of the offer. (in a post about the offer).

        “After ruining the game and leaving your customers angry and scammed.” is incorrect. The game was approved by 2 companies and did not show the results that the Title Update later addressed when we fixed those few issues back in December.

        ..and that’s where the message pretty much runs out. so i couldn’t possibly find anything where telling you you’re correct would be the proper thing to do for either one of us.

        however, i am sorry to hear about your experience as it seems like a negative one. we want to make people happy here.

      • bartlead - 0

        Well, clearly my energy is wasted here.

        Before I leave, I truly hope one day you will turn around and act more like a company than a bunch of children arguing. Treating customers disrespectfully seems to be a common practice around here, even if they have legitimate concerns.

        I am truly saddened that this is how you interact with your customers, much less human beings, and it is troubling that you call yourself a business if this is your idea of solving a problem.

        I will be sure to tell my friends and family about your practices and make sure people do not purchase from you in the future. I will also notify the BBB about your “customer service” or lack there of, as well as your rudeness and questionable ethics.

        Hopefully you will eventually realize that it may be easier to make excuses, but it never fixes a situation such as this. When you admit that you messed up and created a problem which should have been dealt with and likely refunded to all purchasers, maybe there will be light for your company.


    • kelly - 0

      You are absolutely right, I should not have replied with sarcasm.

      We still love you, even if you don’t love us!

      • Luke - 0

        Get over yourself. This was a nice thing to do and if you want to complain: do it to Microsoft. They are responsible for all of these ridiculous prices.

        Nice going, Behemoth! I just bought your game yesterday and yes, I paid 160 for the DLC. /care

      • LusciousOldMan - 0

        ya bartlead seriously.
        you have absolutely nothing to back up your argument. if you think its inconsiderate to buy a bunch of codes so others dont have to pay, your an idiot.

        take a course in anger management someday.

        beside the fact is not like 160 pts (what; a little over $1?) is anything to cry over.

        being nice isn’t messing up and it doesn’t create a problem for anyone except for anal people such as yourself.

        i am saddened by how YOU interact with human beings:
        you think that just because you couldn’t have it your way gives you the right to (pardon my french) b*tch about everything.

        i truly hope that one day you will turn around and act more like a normal person than a child arguing

        Luke, i totally agree with you:
        Amazing job Behemoth! love the game and i can’t wait for your next creation which will no doubt be as epic as this one.