Frost King

In certain cases elements of Castle Crashers went through a “placeholder” phase. This is where Tom Fulp (programmer) will give Dan (artist) some placeholder art and Dan will start the creative process from there. Most of the “programmer art” is usually hilarious to look at and the contrast between the initial placeholder version to Dan’s final version is impressive to say the least.

This process is what inspired the Painter boss, who paints things that Tom has drawn.

Here’s an example……


Finally, here’s the video and as usual it’s sped up to 650% of it’s original speed. So if it looks like Dan is moving around all over the page like a greased up Canadian, don’t worry it’s intended.

Frost King from The Behemoth on Vimeo.

Music Credits:

Birdy Nam Nam – Abssesses
Total Minimal Vol. 1 – Requiem for a Dream
Ze Bug – Fabulous (Stereoheroes remix)



18 Responses to “Frost King”

  1. say - 0

    Хорошая игра, спасибо ребята 😉
    Спасибо за то что демонстрируете как это все рисовалось, мне как начинающему flash-разработчику очень интересно и поучительно.
    Удачи вам!

    (привет из Украины)

    • zedarus - 0

      He says:
      “Awesome game, thanks guys!
      Thank you for all this videos where you demonstrate creation process, it’s very useful for me as a beginner flash-developer/artist.

      Good luck and greetings from Ukraine!”

      P.S. And yeah, I’ll join him and wish you luck too in all you future projects. Just finished Castle Crashers in co-op mode this weekend – it’s just AWESOME!

  2. James - 0

    Haha, very interesting work. I’d love to see how you guys actually export these animations into the game engine. But, then again I think that’s your own proprietary hush-hush Behemoth magic, right?


  3. Memnon288 - 0

    Such an amazing artist! I’m in awe at the work and detail put into every aspect of this game.
    This one was one of my favourites, and seeing the work behind it IS impressive.

  4. johnfest - 0

    Love the messenger conversation with “BusyTom” at 08:46 where you’re discussing the final boss battle. Busy indeed.

  5. gr1f1th - Eggie [Level 0]

    Sorry haven’t had time to comment recently. Love the “making of” vids. Could I suggest a “run around the studio” doc? I always like to see the faces of people who make games I enjoy, that and big wacom tablets, white boards with inside jokes, dual monitor setups, and desks strewn with figurines…. or that’s just how I’d want my desk to look. ;P

  6. Prankard - 0

    Awesome video.
    More more more Dan Paladin art. If you get an interesting one it’ll be nice to see it at 100% or at a lower speed so we can “follow allong” essentially.

  7. aracknore - 0

    dude this absolutely rocked, it was a great inspiration to me as an artist. Castle Crashers rules. What program are you using here?

  8. Reptile - 0

    i like this work of an artist.i think u should make another pack that comes with 2 characters the first characters name will be”Goro”he has 2 red swords that boost strength by 3 and he blocks with swords hit magic will be he throws 3 rocks at 1 time as a projectile and the splash willl be he spikes will come out the ground the magic jump will be an earth ball holds him in the air for 3 seconds the higher the magic the long it holds.

    the second characters name will be “Smoker” the throws bats as a projectile and splash will bebats with sharp teeth falls down on the baddies.he will have a smoking sword and a shield that has black missles that shoots out like torpedoes.the sword boosts magic and strength by because its awesome.the magic jump will be a waterfall of blood.Goro unlocks this character please i hope u can make it.i let the designs be for u to create.this will cost 150 ms points please

    if u like this please email me at,and i love ur frost king the queen seems nice but crazy. love the graphics.