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With mixed feelings we departed the States last week while Josh, Mike, Emil and Kelly stayed behind to wrap up the title update. We arrived in Tokyo for TGS on Tuesday and the show ends today. When we get back Dan promises to make an update showing all the neat stuff Japanese fans have brought by the booth and given to us.

Over the last five weeks we’ve knocked out the issues with CC and are now verifying the changes to be sure they work as intended. Work is rapidly coming to an end for us and we are prepping the build to be handed off to Microsoft for their test pass and certification. This phase involves total regression testing and can take a few weeks, at which point if any issues are brought up, the process starts anew. We are aware that many of you are unhappy about the wait, but this is how the process works to ensure you get a reliable update. We aren’t allowed to fix and upload one change at a time; all known issues must be addressed with the Title Update.

Thank you to everyone who has pointed out problems with the game, and thank you for your patience and support!

tom, dan and john

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  1. govinster - 7

    what a shame…..a very good game was CC but it has annoying expect us to not get made because of your mistake? no, you had to mess up the online! sure the offline is good but…..cmon,ONLINE! arena battles,co-op, and stuff like that.the next game you make test for bugs!

  2. TK - 0

    Holy Crap. Are people allergic to proper grammar on this comment strain? If you want to bash someone and not sound like an idiot, maybe you ought to try a spellchecker.

    Also, yes the bugs are extremely annoying and yes the patch has been a long time coming but come on people. Behemoth has offered us a stellar game at a stellar price. If you are that worried about it, don’t play online. God forbid you fan boys get some personal interaction every now and again and invite real people over as a break to your racist trash talking on Xbox live.

  3. Josh - 0

    im going to go ahead and use a quote “soon wonder will be achieved”. a few weeks a go that was said, now they say we have a few weeks more. last i checked soon was not more than a month or 2.

    thanks alot…..

  4. Josh - 0

    just wanted everyone to know the glitches i’ve encountered that have made me completely stop playing the game (and a pretty unfair online problem)
    1. the game freezes at least once a day, requires a restart
    2. screen gets stretched horizontally, requires a restart
    3.that bullshit fucking catfish glitch all you faggot noobs use
    4. i’ve completely lost all of my save data 3 times, gave up and stopped playing after 3rd time
    5.i cant play online for more than 10 minutes before it says game is no longer available
    6.when i tell it to sarch for 2 or 3 player arena matches it gives me 4 player (always)
    7.about 85% of the time when i play all you can quaff if there isnt 4 players the computer finishes before anyone even starts on the banana
    8.its impossible for me to play the story online unless i invite friends, which kicks everyone after about 10 min
    9.whenever i get a new weapon and i change weapons the weapon i just found isnt in the cave with the other weapons


  5. Brad - 0

    Just wondering why all my saved data from a few weeks ago is always gone when i go to play again? this has happened 3 times now where i have gone to either play by my self or with a friend and all my saved data is gone. the license to the game is saved to my live profile. it would be nice to still have my 53 red knight, 42 orange knight, my 18 skull guy, but i dont have the unlocked characters and am back at level 1 for my red and orange knights. it just doesn’t retain the data beyond a few weeks (about 3).