1200 Points, Behemoth Forums, PAX, and TGS

We have a lot of updates to go over on today’s post so I’ll split them up into sections for easy viewing.


Castle Crashers Pricing (from Dan Paladin)

Hello everyone on the internet!
The price for Castle Crashers will be 1,200 Microsoft points. This month’s only online multiplayer XLA game launches on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008, so get ready to grab some friends and prepare to smash stuff!

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto

Thank you

Love you


The Behemoth Forums

As our Behemoth community grows and grows we’ve been receiving thousands of emails requesting a Behemoth forum. With the imminent launch of Castle Crashers we’ve wanted to make sure there was a place you could call home, and with that said we’d like to introduce the official Behemoth Forums! Stop on by and register for an account today. http://forums.thebehemoth.com

Penny-Arcade Expo, Tokyo Game Show

If you find yourself in Seattle on August 29th, (yep that’s 2 days after the game launches for 1200 MS Points/Space Bucks) we’ll be at the Penny Arcade Expo (booth 842) with amazing limited edition products to complete your life!

For our friends in Tokyo (or if you are lost in Tokyo), please please come meet with us at the Tokyo Game Show on October 11 and 12 (Booth 3-N23) because we don’t speak Japanese and you probably do!


That’s all for now.  We’re so close! We have a release date, we have a price, and now all we need is for August 27th to come around.



80 Responses to “1200 Points, Behemoth Forums, PAX, and TGS”

  1. Markus - 0

    We all wanna grab this the day it comes out, but why is it being released a wednesday? Who with a job or school has time to grab it on a wednesday? Fridays are optimal for game releases. Also, Ima not getting this since we pay 175% the price in Sweden, and 4-5h (?) is not worth 25$
    Well it might be worth it, but I simply can\’t afford it. I\’ll probably play it at a mates anyway.
    Also, this Security code is ridiculously hard to read.

    Love – Markus