A Penny for Your Thoughts

ok, well, not really a penny because it’d cost more than that to get the penny to you, but just play along and pretend we know what we are doing…we’ve disguised the survey in the old clothes of our weekly poll…

Way back in the ancient, formative years of the Behemoth before Alien Hominid was released (the disk version, PS2 and GCN), Tom posted a great poll on Newgrounds to gauge who our audience was, where they were located and how they get informed about games they like. It helped us understand a lot about the gamers who enjoy our games. Well, fast forward 5 years (eeek!) and here we are again! This time around we want to know all there is to know about downloadable console games and other stuff. It would really help us if you took a few minutes and gave us your thoughts. The survey is short and is only used in house to craft the best games possible. To start the survey, click on the poll answer you like most and you’ll be taken to the LimeSurvey start page. THANKS! Once you get to the end of the survey, we’ll hook you up with never before seen art and free wallpapers! WORTH MORE THAN A PENNY!