A Penny for Your Thoughts

ok, well, not really a penny because it’d cost more than that to get the penny to you, but just play along and pretend we know what we are doing…we’ve disguised the survey in the old clothes of our weekly poll…

Way back in the ancient, formative years of the Behemoth before Alien Hominid was released (the disk version, PS2 and GCN), Tom posted a great poll on Newgrounds to gauge who our audience was, where they were located and how they get informed about games they like. It helped us understand a lot about the gamers who enjoy our games. Well, fast forward 5 years (eeek!) and here we are again! This time around we want to know all there is to know about downloadable console games and other stuff. It would really help us if you took a few minutes and gave us your thoughts. The survey is short and is only used in house to craft the best games possible. To start the survey, click on the poll answer you like most and you’ll be taken to the LimeSurvey start page. THANKS! Once you get to the end of the survey, we’ll hook you up with never before seen art and free wallpapers! WORTH MORE THAN A PENNY!


50 Responses to “A Penny for Your Thoughts”

  1. Scott

    Seriously I can’t finish the survey either. I hope one day you will post the secret to those of us. Videos of gameplay would be nice too.

  2. Guibs

    Still get an error timeout when trying to fill the survey… tried 3 times so far… I’m about to give up… I’ll try again tomorrow, hopefully that gives you time to fix it.

    P.S: I want castle crashers NOW!….

  3. Stinger123

    Ok, I just finished the new updated survey…. stinks to be you people who have yet to get it to work yet XD. Great job fixing up the survey I couldnt get it to work for a while and I fiddled with my cookies settings till it worked. Anyways, great survey Behemoth team. (Can’t wait to get my hands on Castle Crashers, yay green knight)

  4. Aleksi


    All work and no survey makes Aleksi a dull boy.

    PS: You should preview songs from the game on the blog!

  5. Denivire

    I managed to just do the survey (second time due to the so-called data-wipe). It was successful.
    It could be the browsers you guys are using, I’m on Firefox, most recently updated patch.
    Also, yay! New Wallpapers! (hugs)

  6. TiKRuy

    Survey worked fine for me, but what’s that knight in that picture and why is it covered in black cloth :d

  7. Dirk

    OK thiis iz so stupid 2 triple post in one day but i just saw another pet…its a goat dan got interveiwed and showed a couple of pics. i saw it so u should just post it plzz i relly want to c its effect. trust me it iz beast!!!!!!!

  8. johnb

    Hey Stinger123, what did settings did you change with your cookies? If it makes anyone feel better, Dan can’t get the survey to work on his computer but Emil and I can ๐Ÿ˜

    If you are using Explorer 6.0,and maybe other browsers/versions, you might see radio buttons for the poll. If you click one of the radio buttons, it takes you to the poll results, not the poll itself. To get to the poll itself, you need to click on either on the linked “Heck yeah!” or “Dunno let’s go see.” These will take you to the poll. OR….you can click on the big image and it will also take you there.

    We’ll keep on trying to fix these things and thank you all for your patience!

    Oh yeah, a big fan of ours made the “Black Knight” using gaffers tape. It reminded me of some knight shrinkwrapped in some cloth armor. According to our fan, he is “the General” of th Knights. ???

  9. admin

    Ok I think I fixed the problem. The timeout for the session was set to 3600 seconds, so I just changed it to 9999. I guess this is the price to pay for open source software, it’s free, but requires some extra attention. Sorry for the errors with the survey everyone, we really appreciate your support (especially those who took it twice!!)

    For those of you who have the timeout issues still, please email me at games[at]thebehemoth[dot][com]

    Here’s hoping it works now !! Yeahhhh!!!!


  10. Stinger123

    What I did was went to Tools –> Internet Options –> Privacy –> Advanced(not the tab but the button) –> Override automatic cookies settings – now set both first & third party cookies to accept- It might work now, hopefully it will for you. Im using Internet Explorer

  11. Ardamaeus

    I think… we simply get mailed cookies instead of the internet ones and hope that by the time we get them and eat them, it will work. Oh and the wallpaper REALLY helped with defining what looks like what. So now the know the figurine’s arms are inaccurate!

    Staving off gibbering insanity,

  12. Denivire

    Yay! I was right! It was the browser!
    Does that mean I get something for figuring out that problem besides what everyone else gets for completing the survey? xD

  13. Aleksi

    sweet, teen rating!

    Emil (or someone at behemoth):
    What other certification processes are on the horizon? You should do a progress checklist or something so we’d know where the game is at.

    game is done… check
    sent it to microsoft… check
    esrb… check
    random stuff… pending
    pay Bill Gates… waiting for reply
    game gets release date… pending
    game hits store… pending
    behemoth makes profit… pending

    Or a status meter?

  14. M

    I took it and boo there was no place to add comments. Well this is what I would have added: “I bought a 360 in preparation to play Castle Crashers and Braid. Gears, Mass Effect, Bioshock, that Penny Arcade game, all just filler until CC and Braid come out.”

    i.e. damn am I excited about this.