The Crucible

Things are heating up around here as we progress through the certification process. It is going great! This past weekend we took another shot at casting and this time I brought the trusty Sony cam that weighs a ton but takes nice pics.

The Crucible

Once the preheated crucible comes out of the oven, Alan filled it with bronze shaped like little teardrops. He added a big spoonful of borax and put it back in the oven. Once it reached 1900 degrees, we waited for a few minutes, then tested the liquidity with a graphite rod. When it was fully liquid, we pulled the preheated investment out of the other oven, put it in the vacuum machine and poured the bronze. The vacuum then pulled all the molten metal through the mold.

Pouring Bronze
After the bead on top solidified a bit, we pulled it out of the machine and dunked it in pail of water…what a mess. But the results speak for themselves. This quiver of weapons turned out great, with only minimal cleanup and no peeling…yay!

Quiver of Weapons


28 Responses to “The Crucible”

  1. Ardamaeus

    What they don’t tell us is, they’re secretly building a full sized army to raid the other game creators and that we’re actually funding them. I’m cool with that… as long as I take part in the raiding.

  2. Sandmonkey

    Thats cool, can’t wait for the game! Isn’t coming out this summer?! Nice job keeping the dev blog up and fresh, well excluding the news on the behemoth site XD!

  3. Denivire

    Oooo, I hope I get up there on the leaderboards! πŸ˜€ Me likey the bronze trophy!
    I want to win something video-game related for once, something those MLG jerks cannot possibly ruin for me!(Yes, I don’t like many MLG people, they tend to ruin the game for me with the little kids on “M” rated games)

  4. johnb

    Well, there is going to be a couple of ways to win/earn a bronze trophy. You can’t buy them! One way to earn one is to be the top of the leaderboards. But realizing that not everyone will be able to scale the heights of the leaderboards, we will also have a couple of other methods of getting one….we’ll have more info when the game comes out.


  5. Ardamaeus

    wait… how will the scoring system work? Levels? Actually points for killing things? Time attacks? We’re kind of in the dark here…

  6. johnb

    Thanks jimbob for completing the survey. It’s very hard for small developers to know about the breadth of where gamers get the info on what games are available to them. Big mega publishers have a tentacle-like reach to get this sort of info 😐
    Us? Well, we’ve got Emil’s dev blog and you guys!

  7. Sandmonkey

    I have a question about coop, how will the experience “points” be shared if lets say a red knight hits a thief with 15 damage all together, and the green knight finishes him off with throwing knives, how would it be divided equally to stop ks?
    P.S. Real good job on everything cant wait for the game!
    Sandmonkey OUT!

  8. johnb

    We plan to have a couple of events where all of us who don’t super excel at video games will be able to try and win one! More info soon…

  9. johnb

    So Tom was checking out the comments…here’s what he has to say about how exp gets distributed from Sandmonkey’s question…

    “[On the dev blog] they want to know how exp gets distributed when two people attack the same enemy. You basically gets points for every time you hit an enemy.
    So people can’t steal your points. Although they can juggle enemies away from you!”

    Thanks Tom for making that short cameo appearance on the devblog! πŸ™‚

  10. Sandmonkey

    Thanks for the answer, oh and sorry for the racist name, its part of my gamertag which was made by my friend, i didnt know what it meant until 2 months ago. sorry dan paladin!

  11. chicos 1

    *sigh* i never got an alien hominid trophy but i made no. 200 on the leaderboards on hard. hopefully i can get a trophy this time.

    dan, john, emil, tom, ect. do you know what percent the games certification/final testing is complete or percent complete with going through microsoft certification procces. the answer will help me sleep at night.

  12. johnb

    Chicos 1

    Thanks for playing AH HD! Every one of those copies of AH HD helped us finance Castle Crashers πŸ™‚

    We can’t really say how far we are along the certification process, other than to say that every day everyone here at the Behemoth, a lot of Newgrounders, and our Microsoft counterparts are bashing away at the game. So catch up on your sleep now because when the game launches you aren’t going to be sleeping much… πŸ™‚

  13. Ardamaeus

    Nvm that, its just a poll saying if I would like to take it. Btw guys the castle crashing “the beard” really helped advertise your game, from there its just alot of word of mouth!

    Sry for the double post i just wanted you guys to know i found it (save some time)