Animal Orb Poll Results

After an intense battle between Bitey Bat and Frogglet we have a winner!

I’m only listing the top three for now, and as for the reason behind this poll…..nothing I can share yet πŸ™

As soon as I get permission from people more important than me I will post up our little project. Thanks for everyone who voted, check back frequently for more polls!



29 Responses to “Animal Orb Poll Results”

  1. Ardamaeus

    You have us on the edge of our seats… or sidewalks for those who are using laptops and are hobos! WE WILL WAIT AND WE WILL DROOL!

    Keep up the work and bulldoze this thing into completion! πŸ˜€

  2. Denivire

    Stat-wise, slightly depressing results. Overall appearance (for possible Plushie or Keychain ideas), Bitey Bat For The Win!
    Also, would like to see the main website for Castle Crashers have a fresh update, seeing as it has been practically neglected for, what, 3 months? xD

  3. ConraDargo

    *sniff* Such a disappointment πŸ™ But I’d rather see Bitey Bat win over Frogglet so, at least that’s something to be happy about.

  4. jc

    dammit pazzo how could u lose?!?!?! so now we get a bat and a frog with antlers… how cool is that πŸ˜›

  5. Gr1f1th

    Ok, this is bugging me. Is frogglet a frogelope or a anterog? I must know! I might sway my stance to giraffe.

  6. emil

    i’m actually working on updating the site as we speak….it’s been on my to do list for some time now!! yay updates!

  7. emil

    also, how could frogglet lose !!!!! I thought he was going to pull it together at the end and take the lead, damn bitey bat stealing the glory!!!!!

  8. Denivire

    I don’t like monkeys. Bad experience. Long story.
    yay, updates on site! I said something possibly important!
    You were rooting for frogglet and had the power to alter the votes. Glad to see you did not abuse such a fine power πŸ˜›